Little Treasures from Etsy

If you’ve never heard of Etsy I’m about to change your world! Etsy is a marketplace website focused on handmade or vintage items as well as art and craft supplies. The thing I love about Etsy is that I can find random, decently priced items that I know most people won’t be wearing. Over the years I’ve bought posters, frames and vinyl wall decals. Just recently I bought two little treasures from Etsy, or should I say four?!

First off I ordered a knuckle ring from Tiny Box 12. I’d seen a lot of knuckle rings lately in magazines and I wanted to grab one for myself, although I didn’t want to pay a hefty price. A little search on Etsy and bingo! I found this feather design that caught my eye for $17.50 (with shipping) and I was pleasantly surprised to find a bonus knuckle ring gift in my order from the owner, and they were both packaged in the cutest little “tiny box”, very clever marketing. 


Next I did a random search on “red lip” thinking what goodies I could find to tie into the blog and I stumbled upon this gorgeous pair of sparkly earrings that I just had to get from Cream Soda Boutique for $15 (with shipping) and I also got sent a bonus pink pair. It was the week of extras!

ImageDo you love Etsy? What are you favourite stores?


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  1. I heard of it through a YouTuber who received knuckle rings (I don’t remember where) but I had no knowledge of their popularity until you said something about it

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