The King!

ImageElvis Presley <sigh> the undisputed King of rock n’ roll died 36 years ago today. Was there anyone cooler than Elvis, before OR after his death? If he were alive today he’d be 78 and somehow I think he’d still be dancing those blue suede shoes around Vegas. 

I’ve been a fan for sometime now. It first started with just the man himself. He was indeed a hunk o’ burning love and just the coolest cat around. Then I really got into his music and films. Going to Graceland back in 2003 and standing in the Jungle Room was probably one of the highlights of my life.

ImageTonight, in honour of the King, I’m out to B.East to pay tribute with food and music; two of my favourite things. There’ll be a live band and DJs playing his music as well as a special Elvis themed menu; Graceland Gravestones: Caramalised banana,peanut butter and candied bacon slider | Lisa Marie’s Revenge: Chicken fried steak, Tennessee potato skins,country gravy in a toasted bun | Hound Doggs: mini corn dogs with Coney Island dipping sauce and bacon salt.

I’ve also dressed for the occasion (of course I have!) with my 50s inspired polka dot Kmart dress.  This was a true bargain at $19. Viva Elvis!



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  1. That’s looks absolutely beautiful on you! Eventually, would you mind doing a post over long evening or event dresses (like prom, dinners, etc)?

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