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elf (eyes, lips, face…oh my!)

I got this elf liquid lipstick in Pink Lemonade from the darling Etta in our beauty box swap last month and I absolutely can’t get enough of it. The first thing that got me was the actual tube. On it is written: Directions – Twist 10-12 times before first application. That had me intrigued as I didn’t know what to expect but then it looked like this;


I squealed with glee as the little worms of lipstick came out the top of the applicator. It reminded me of being a kid and having Vegemite on crackers and squeezing them together to make worms, like so;


It’s called a liquid lipstick, but it’s more of a lip gloss in texture. It’s a lovely, glossy subtle pink that leaves my lips feeling really moisturised. I was very surprised when I went onto the elf website to discover you can pick this up for $1! WTF? That’s just crazy talk to me. The only cosmetics you could pick up for $1 in Oz would be the crustiest lip gloss in the sales bin that’s been sitting there since 1994. Maybe my little Santa’s “elf” will be able to pop another one in for our Christmas beauty box swap? <nudge nudge>


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