Watch yourself


My haul from Francesca’s arrived yesterday! Can I get a woot?! Like all internet shopping there’s a risk with sizes, colours etc. but these purchases had a lot more risk involved seeing as Francesca’s don’t do international delivery and I ordered them to be shipped to our office in the US and had my boss pick the package up for me (yes, I’m spoilt!).

So out of the 5 items only one dress didn’t fit, and I’m pretty sure once the winter weight shifts (c’mon, we all have put on a few, right? RIGHT?!) it’ll be fine. I can’t exactly return it so if it ends up not fitting I suppose I’ll sell it on eBay or pass it on to a friend. No biggie.

Anyhoo I digress as I wanted to show you the accessories I got in this order. Firstly, I’ve been looking for a watch for a while and nothing has really been grabbing my attention until I saw this Abu Dhabi Snakeskin Wrap Watch which was originally $30, but I got it on sale for $15! It’s like a watch and a bracelet in one.



And while I wasn’t on the look out for a new pair of sunglasses after I bought the Swan Arm pair from Express these Dunbar Sunglasses in Ivory really caught my eye. I love the 50s vibe they have to them. Again, these were half price for $7, what a bargain!





Are you obsessed with accessories like I am? What are your must haves and what do you keep buying even  though you have plenty of them?

Now it's your turn...let me know what you think. I love reading your comments! :)

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