Fashion Aid Ball 2013

ImageSaturday night I felt like Cinderella as I got to dress up and go to the Fashion Aid Ball at the Crown Palladium. It was a fabulous night filled with a lot of glitz and glamour and, to be honest, a lot of botox and implants, but hey, I digress. 

ImageThe ball was a charity fundraiser to raise money for the Heart Kids Foundation, an amazing organisation that is dedicated to providing support to families of children with heart disease, be it congenital (born with) or acquired. So if you are feeling generous please visit their website and donate.


We were also lucky to see a runway show from designers Sara Fox, Alin Le’ Kal, Belluccio, and lots more. It felt like I was back at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, still being spoilt! And to top off the evening we were entertained by Leo Sayer – can I get a woot woot?!

My dress for the evening was from a little boutique in Ubud, Bali and it was a steal for $40. 




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