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Face/Off – Face Mask

20130929-181147.jpgI just got back from Brisbane after visiting my gorgeous (and heavily pregnant) girlfriend Ariane and her beautiful little family. We reminisced about how we used to love putting on face masks when we used to live in London together.

It got me thinking that I hadn’t popped a mask on in ages and I made sure to rectify that yesterday. I have this deep pore cleansing mask (above) that sets on your face and you peel it off after 15 minutes – so much fun! It’s great as you can feel all the gunk coming out of your pores as it’s peeling off, sorry TMI! Once it’s all off you should moisturise and then enjoy feeling as soft as a baby’s bum.

20130929-182150.jpgDo you use face masks? What’s your favourite?

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