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I’ve told you a million times do not Exaggerate….



I was going through all my eye make-up on the weekend to tidy things up and essentially throw out a lot of old products. There were lots of old eyeshadow pallets that hadn’t seen the light of day for quite some time – pretty gross! I was quite taken aback at how many I owned. Here I was thinking that I’d only come into the make-up game fairly late, and all this time I was packing heat!

I also stumbled upon this RImmel Exaggerate eyeliner that I’d bought earlier in the year and completely forgotten about it (or bought something to take its place). So of course I had some fun and played around with it and got the “London Look”.



I love that it glides on so easily and the colour is intense. I used the eyeliner on top of a base of white/cream eyeshadow and finished it of with a slick of mascara. This will go back into my “current” make-up bag.






Even Andy wanted to get in on the action! She wouldn’t let me take a photo without a cuddle

Do you have a lot of make-up you forget about? How do you go about rotating your look?

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