Second-hand clothes for second-hand Rose…

ImageSorry about the weird reference in the title. I thought it sounded familiar and then of course a Google search confirmed it was from Stephen King book. I’m a huge fan and I’m a dork that way!

Anyhoo…my lovely friend Jenny passed along this divine Thurley skirt to me after a drunken conversation last Friday night that I barely recollect, but she asked if I wanted a gold skirt and I was like “OF COURSE!” So on Monday morning this was sitting on my chair at work. How lucky am I? Especially since I’d just posted about how much I’ve been lusting over gold/metallics.

Today I’ve teamed it with my Mix Apparel polka dot blouse and my Kmart mint heels, adding that pop of colour I love so much. I can foresee this skirt will be a hit this summer! Thanks again Jenny.




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  1. So much yes to this. The outfit is perfection, fitting for a member of the Global Gorgeoisie (just made that up- we are the currently the only 2 members) x

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