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Matt & Jo’s Fling Racing Party



Melbourne radio will feel a huge void at the end of 2013 as Fox FM’s breakfast duo, Matt & Jo, announced that they are finishing their show after an amazing 10 years on air together. As one final hurrah they held their final annual singles party ever – and this years theme was “Fling Races”, in keeping with the horse-y vibe that’s in the air in Melbourne right now. Basically, it allowed singles to mingle with the chance of a fling <bow chicka wow wow!!>

Of course being the single gal I am (and given any chance to wear a pretty frock) I wanted in. So as soon as I heard that you could win a spot at the coveted event I texted all my single girlfriends to enter too so we had a larger chance of winning, and we did! My sis and I both won a spot, allowing us to bring along a friend each, cue Tereza and Erin (of Brock&Eddie Millinery fame). We all got ourselves dolled up and sauntered down to the Johnny Walker Bar at the Crown Casino.



The four of us had a fun night dancing and chatting away to, let me be frank, some odd characters, and I’m sad to say (cos I know you’re all begging to ask) I didn’t meet anyone <insert violins here>. Regardless, it was great and I’m so glad that I got to be apart of the final Matt & Jo party.

Have you ever been to a singles party? Did you have more success than I did? Do tell….




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  1. I so wish there was a “LOVE” button! You gals looked divine! Please send me that dress immediately so I too can be uber-hawt. Can’t believe Matt & Jo are leaving! xx

  2. You know what I love about you? You are so secure in who you are as a strong, single woman, who doesn’t need a man. I’m so happy to read this post as a fun night, not “Oh, I didn’t meet the love of my life”. You remind me so much of myself when I was your age!!!

    ps – after our meeting in Oz, you wanna come to the states, I’ll arrange a mixer for you! :p

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