Designer for Less

Big name designers creating lines for bargain stores isn’t a new idea, think Stella McCartney and Zac Posen for Target. So when I heard that Peter Morrisey was designing for Big W and Vera Wang for Harris Scarfe I was a little bit excited to check them out.  

But how very disappointed I was! Especially with the Peter Morrisey collection. I know that it’s Big W and you get what you pay for, but this was ridiculous. Everything looked way cheaper than what the price tag was asking for. Dresses and blazers were misshapen and looked terrible on (this could just be my body type). Most items looked great on the website but in reality were quite tacky! I was very happy that I actually went in store to check them out. 

Which leads me to the Simply by Vera Wang collection, I can not see how they can justify a $90 price tag for dresses that look more than mediocre. It’s Harris Scarfe, WTF are they thinking?! Or am I just a terrible cheapskate?

Not all was lost on this shopping expedition. I did manage to forage through the dresses at Big W and pick out this number (below). I really love the chevron design and that it’s strapless – ever so summery. To top it off it was only $25, now that’s what I’m talking about. Here I’ve teamed it with my Kmart sandals, Diva beads and my favourite Pop Art clutch, which was a gift from Adjpants.

Big W Dress
Have you had any luck with grabbing a big name for less?

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  1. LOVE!! I love this look on you! Just so chic dahling. Yes I’ve had it with these designers and their nonsense- I almost got trampled at Target when Roberto Cavalli’s range came out. And it was all guff!

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