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There once was a girl with a curl…

All the beauty blogs I’ve been reading of late are always banging on about the wonders of eyelash curlers. How they really open out your eyes and make them pop. I, for one, have never used one and thought I needed to get one quick smart if I was going to be taken seriously as a beauty blogger! 

I must add here that I don’t really need an eyelash curler, thankfully I have been blessed by sweet baby Jesus (and obviously by good genes) with long, naturally curled, Bambi-esque lashes. So being the bargain (tight) shopper that I am I was not going to fork over more than $10 for a curler. So I headed down to my local Kmart, which is like my home away from home, and browsed the beauty aisle. Something I’ve never really done before as I usually buy all my products from Priceline. 

They had 2 curlers to chose from, both relatively cheap and I went for the $8 option. An option so cheap I don’t even know the brand name! I have used it a couple of times now since the weekend and I must admit, like I predicted, it didn’t make any difference to my lashes. There may have been a slight curl, but nothing that a bit of mascara wouldn’t have done anyway. Was this due to the cheapness of the curler? I don’t think so, even if I spent the money on a more expensive product I think the results would have been the same. 

I also managed to score a Face of Australia gel eyeliner (in purple) for $9.75, which was my favourite part of the haul. It comes in a super cute pot and its top opens out to reveal a brush. And being gel, not liquid, makes it incredibly easy to use. 

ImageWhat do you think? Should I splash the cash and buy a more expensive curler? Will it make that much of a difference to my lashes?

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  1. Love the purple gel liner!!
    I have yet to try a lash curler, but I already have curly lashes so I don’t see the point. I have seen that they even have heated ones!!!! Talk about lash damage!!

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