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A game of tag! You’re it!!


Just like a school yard game I’ve been tagged by Adjpants to play the Autumn Tag Game. Now I love a good ol’ round of Q&A but I thought it only fitting if I changed this to a Spring Tag Game as I’m all the way in the land Down Under and autumn is just a distant memory at this stage.


1.     Favourite thing about autumn?

Well if we’re talking about autumn then I’d have to say my birthday, but since we’re going into spring in Oz I love seeing all the blossoms starting to bloom at the beginning of the season. That’s when you know the sun is on its way!

2.     Favourite drink?

Ooooh I’d love a vodka, lime and soda water – plenty of fresh limes please bartender!

3.     Favourite scent?

At the moment I am truly loving Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker that Adjpants left me in her mad dash to move to the UK. It’s so fresh and light and I’ve been getting the best compliments when I wear it. I also love the smell of freshly cut grass, as long as I’ve had my hay fever meds that is!

4.     Best lipstick?

This can change with the weather, which happens a lot in Melbourne, but I do love my Rimmel Kiss of Life by Kate Moss

5.     Go to moisturiser?

Nivea Crème, like I’ve mentioned in a previous post, this stuff is in my DNA! I love the thickness of the cream and the smell; it brings back a lot of childhood memories of my mum, who still uses this moisturiser today at the age of 71


6.     Go to colours for the eyes?

I’m still not a big wearer of eyeshadow, but I will say I couldn’t live without a good liquid liner (currently loving Kat Von D’s line) and some super awesome mascara (current faves are Sephora and Benefit’s They’re Real!)

7.     Favourite band/singer to listen to?

When the weather is heating up and the sun is out I love listening to bubbly 80s pop tunes


8.     Favourite outfit to wear?

I love to wear a cute little dress and some sandals. It’s so nice not to have to cart around a coat everywhere you go.

9.     Autumn Treat?

Hmmm not sure, for some reason the northern hemisphere loses its mind over pumpkin flavoured ANYTHING in autumn, it’s so weird. For spring I would probably say ice cream? The weather is heating up so a nice tub of anything from Ben & Jerry’s would be fabulous!

10.  Favourite place to be?

Anywhere out in the sunshine with some great company and some yummy food!

Now it’s my turn to run around and tag someone…here goes…


Melbourne with the Rocket

You guys are it! GO! xo

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