Tutu much?

ImageDamn you early 80s Madonna leaving a fabulous and lasting impression on my young and tiny mind, and damn you Sarah Jessica Parker for looking so damn cute and girly at the start of every episode of Sex and the City! I’m talking about the tutu ladies and I think I still want to wear one at 33.

Image I love the pretty frilly tulle and the whole girly aspect of them. There’s no mistaking you’re packing lady parts when you wear one that’s for sure. They’re dainty yet daring if you were to wear one out during the day. What I’m trying to get at is would it be so wrong to wear one as a regular, grown ass woman in 2013? Could I possibly come to work in a white t-shirt and pink tutu combo and rock the look? Or even wear a dress like the pink number (above) on a night out without someone making a reference to Swan Lake? 


You see them on the red carpet all the time, but I want to know if simple Rosie from Melbourne can rock this out at dinner on a Friday night?

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