Ummm so I think I have a problem…



I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately and they’re mostly ones from the northern hemisphere talking about how cold it’s getting and will it snow for Christmas. This is so foreign to me! Christmas in Australia is generally hot and sweaty and when I think of poor Santa in his suit I know he’d rather be doing this:

ImageAnyway, this got me thinking about all the sunshine that is coming my way and I’ve been at it again and made a little wishlist on Polyvore of all the sunglasses I’ve been eyeing off (pun intended). I really love sunglasses! I’m not sure why I’m so drawn to them, but I feel like you could change your whole personality with what type of sunglasses you wear. Rocker/rebel with some aviators or funky/hipster wannabe with some wayfarers. Before I make any further purchases I thought I should actually check out the ones I already have so I don’t double up on styles, and let’s say I was a little shocked when I got them all out and took this pic:



There are 18 pairs in this photo and that’s not even all of them! There are a few more that I know are in different handbags and in my car or hiding in my sis’ room. Do you think I have a problem?? I honestly didn’t know I had this many, I mean I knew I had more than most people would but more than 20 pairs?! So I’m going to delete that Polyvore wishlist and just concentrate on rotating my current stash around this summer. 

Do you own a ridiculously large amount of any one item? I’m obviously guilty of owning too many pairs of sunnies, but then there’s the scarves, necklaces, rings – OK let’s say I have an overall addiction to accessories! That’s it, the ban starts now. No more buying accessories for a whole year! Well let’s say 6 months… or until next year 😉

Please tell me I’m not the only one?!

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