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Black & Gold

ImageSeeing as Christmas is FAST approaching and I haven’t started any shopping, or putting up decorations I thought I could start with some festive themed make-up – natch! I wanted to create a look that didn’t scream “SANTA IS COMING!” but whispered “kiss me under the mistletoe”, so I busted out the black and gold.

ImageI started off by using NYX eye primer and then simply applied a gold eyeshadow from a palette I bought at Sportsgirl. I then popped some black Kat von D liquid liner on my top lid and a light dab of the Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner in Espresso on the lower lash line and to finish it off a slick of the gorgeous Jane Iredale mascara from that fabulous gold tube. 

What do you think? Can I now enter into the spirit of Christmas? Will anyone pull me aside for a kick game of tonsil hockey under the mistletoe? 

And because my brain works in song lyrics I leave you with this, you can thank me later…

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