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I love snail mail! It’s so exciting to receive letters and packages in the mail that aren’t bills or junk mail or catalogues. So when I read that the lovely blog Papered Thoughts was doing a letter exchange project I had to sign up! The premise of the exchange is to spread positivity, passion and light – how beautiful is that? Who wouldn’t want to spread those beautiful attributes around?!

Here’s the spiel: 

“&& A Happy New Year” will be a Letter exchange project which celebrates all that is good & light & happy. A Project stuffed full of so much joy, that is won’t be possible to have a crappy start to 2014. And that’s where you come in. 

When you Sign-up to the “&& A Happy New Year” Project you’ll be assigned a Partner. There will be 2 Tasks for you to complete over the next couple of Months (December – January). Each Task will involve Mailing a Small Letter(ish) Sized Package to your Partner. I’m not going to tell you all the Tasks now (Why Ruin the Surprise?) But I will tell you they’ll be good for your soul. Honestly I’ve found that writing good, beautiful things to someone else – can be as healing as receiving them.


I’ve been partnered with the lovely Winnie who lives in Hong Kong (check her out on Instagram at winnnnnie_snailmail – super cute pics) and our first task is titled :NYE in an Envelope. At first I panicked, as I usually do with any assigned tasks. What the hell do I send??? I’m not creative! A lot of self doubt settled in, and then I took a breath and made a list of all the things that remind me of NYE and how I can reduce that into an envelope. I thought of fireworks, glitter, champagne and dancing – obviously I can’t send that so why not send pics? Then there’s the repercussions of all that fun, so all the things you need when you’re hungover. I sent this all along with a note describing what I’ll be doing this NYE.



ImageDo you have a pen pal, or are you participating in a letter exchange over the holidays? Do you panic about your lack of creativity like I do??

I can’t wait to receive my package from Winnie and I hope my letter pops a smile on her dial as I hope it will!

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  1. How fun!! I love getting snail mail! It’s so fun to get a personalized, hand-written letter/card from someone. I’ve never had a pen pal, however my younger sister has many and I’ve seen her send and receive fun packages to them. =)
    NYE in a package sounds like so much fun! It looks reallllly fun and I think you hit NYE perfectly ❤

  2. I participated in this exchange too. Funny how people interpret things differently. I like your train of thought. My partner got her envelope and I am anxiously awaiting mine. My package (notice the growth there?) for the 2nd mailing is ready to go but we are expecting Ice.

    • Hey Suzi, thanks for the feedback. I still haven’t received anything from my partner. I may have to check to see if she received mine. I’m so behind with sending through my 2nd one, will need to pop my thinking cap on and get a move on LOL! 🙂

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