OOTD: Sing a Rainbow; Day Three – Pink

Here we are on my favourite day of the OOTD: Sing a Rainbow challenge – Pink! If you’re an avid reader you know I love pink as I’ve talked about it here and here and here

I absolutely adore the colour and I used to wear a lot more of it in my 20s. Maybe the love affair started from growing up watching 80s movies where they wore this to the prom:


I’m sorry if you’re a Pretty In Pink fan (it’s OK I’m a huge fan!), but this dress that Andy made to wear to the prom was THE ugliest thing ever to be seen on screen! Who thought that this was a good creation??

But I digress, I couldn’t wait to bust out my Mix Apparel (third day in a row wearing Mix Apparel if you’re playing along at home) fuchsia pink dress today. It’s super bright and cheery and I get a lot of looks and comments on it when I do wear it. I’ve had some people tell me it’s more purple than pink, but dammit I see pink. Am I colour blind?

ImageToday I’ve teamed this simple shift dress with my Kmart tan sandals and my pink owl (another obsession) necklace from Target. I am loving this challenge as it’s making it a lot easier to get ready in the mornings. I have a colour and I have to stick to it. Maybe I need to do this more often, I’d save loads of time this way!

And because I love a good theme song here is one for day three:

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  1. I love Pretty in Pink too, but I have always, ALWAYS thought that dress was completely fugly. I have also thought that her friend that let her have the dress never said she was cool with her chopping it up. The original dresses themselves we far nicer than her frankenstein shapless creation. 🙂 I am so happy to have met someone else that feels the same way as I do.
    I still love it though 🙂

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