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20140105-134626.jpg All I can say is OMG WHERE DID MY HOLIDAYS GO?! I blinked and it’s January 6th!! I digress, better to move ahead positively then dwell on the past *sniff*

Around this time every of year I tell myself that I’m going to pack an emergency kit of all the things I need when I’m stuck at work and I have a last minute invite out for drinks, or I break a nail or just having one of those days. The thing is I never do it and another year rolls by and I kick myself when I’m having a bad hair day and wished I had a can of dry shampoo on me.

But this is a new year and there’s no more excuses especially when my fab gal pal Cynthia gave me this stunning Country Road makeup bag for Christmas. Perfect for my Emergency Style Kit or ESK as it shall be known from now on.

20140105-135501.jpg In the 2014 ESK I’ve packed;
• Deodorant – I smell, don’t hate me!
• Dry Shampoo – for those bad hair days when I needed to sleep a little longer.
• Hairspray – see Dry Shampoo
• Hand Cream – some days being a paper pusher takes a toll on my delicate hands.
• Rescue Remedy – for the times you want to head butt your colleagues!


20140105-140705.jpg • Hair Ties & Bobby Pins – always needed, never have them at hand.
• Safety Pins – whenever there’s a wardrobe emergency.


20140105-140834.jpg • Nail File – I’m always breaking a nail at work, hazards of being an Office Manager.
• Comb – for the Dry Shampoo, Hairspray, nights out etc.
• Listerine Strips – for those impromptu meetings with your boss or last minute after work dates (not with your boss, unless you REALLY want that promotion).
• Painkillers – see Rescue Remedy.


20140105-141346.jpg • Perfume / Earrings / Hair Clip – last minute touches of fabulousness when you’re caught unawares.
What I also included but didn’t add pics of; band aids, tampons and a pair of stockings.
I also didn’t add lipstick (because there’s always at least 7 tubes in my handbag) and makeup as I usually bring a kit if I know I’m going out after work. The ESK is strictly for those times when you’re caught out and don’t have time to go home or run to the store.

What do you think, have I missed any essential items? What would you have packed in your own ESK?

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  1. What a cute ESK bag and essentials! =) I’d say you’re pretty set for anything that comes along your way.

    Hmmm…I think I would definitely have several lip balms and gloss (Burt’s Bees, Eos, something M.A.C. and a new Nars one I recently got). I love just reaching in my bag and putting on the first one I grab! Like a lippy grab bag! lol.

    I LOVE that you keep some accessories, like a pair of earrings to thrown on to make any simple look be chic. I do the same exact thing! It’s nice to let the accessories be the star of your outfit some days =) And, perfume just to smell extra pretty! Gotta love sample sized sprays!!

    • Love sample size EVERYTHING, I’m a sucker for anything miniature LOL!!

      Yes and I love the idea of a fun dip lipstick/gloss bag, This is what my handbag currently is hahaha xo

      • Haha! When you said you had so many lipsticks and lip balms, I can totally relate =)
        Hey, this is off the topic but I was wondering how you made your Blog Roll? I wanna make one on my page and put you on mine! ❤ All I could find was Blogs I follow widget, but I want to be able to customize and choose which blogs I like, like yours!

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