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How Rosie Got Her Groove Back (Or NOTD)

20140108-213509.jpg If you’re a long time reader of A Red Lip And A Nude Shoe you’ll know that I’ve never written a post on painting my nails. Sure I’ve posted pics of my lovely manicured, shellac’d nails (which I’ve spent lots of hard earned cash on only for them to chip within a week) or pics of the fab handiwork by Adjpants but I’ve never physically painted my own fingernails. Not any more friends! I’ve gotten over my fear and I’ve started painting my own nails after more than 15 years, and they’re not too shabby either if I do say so myself.

20140108-214152.jpg I finally bit the bullet and did it. Now I know that sounds silly, and you may ask why I’m making such a fuss. The thing is I have a tremor and it makes doing super delicate things like painting nails a nightmare. If you’re interested ask me about the time I was a waitress and almost spilt hot coffee into a customers lap – yep, that good!

20140108-214603.jpg It all started after Christmas when I found the bottle of BYS gold varnish in my goodies drawer (my sis and I have a drawer full of random beauty stuff, I know it’s awesome!) which had come as a freebie with a magazine. I thought I’d try it out for shiz and giggles and didn’t think I screwed up too badly. So I braved it and painted them for my Gatsby themed NYE and no one laughed and pointed at my hands.

Now this is when I truly got cocky and went out and bought the Maybelline Max Effect mini nail polish in Diva Violet (best name, and it was $6 from Priceline) and painted my nails for a 3rd time and now painting an accent nail as well, HAVE I COMPLETELY LOST IT?! I think I got the hang of this nail painting biz and just might start a new addiction.

But this is where I throw it to you darlings; what are the best brands of nail varnish out there? And what’s the best top coat to use? I’ve been using Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear and I’m not too happy with it as most of the shine has worn off after a couple of days. I’d love to hear your suggestions.

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  1. I love the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri anti-chip top coat. There’s also a diamond top coat that is great, Silver bottle.

  2. Argh, I cannot believe it! Only 3 times! : ))) Painting my nails is my favourite downtime!
    I’d say OPI is the most reliable when it comes to formula, I like Sally Hansen and Essie too, also, there’s some awesome indie brands out there.
    Top coat is the most important thing in my opinion, no matter how good you nail polish is, the top coat will make or break your mani. ; ) What are you looking for? Something you can buy in a drugstore? Super fast drying? Good shine?

    • See now I’m jealous! I need to learn that it can be soothing to paint nails rather than a stressful thing haha!
      At the moment I’m looking for cheap drugstore brands while I’m still learning bit willing to spend a little more on the top coat as that’s the game changer as you say :).
      Thanks for stopping by xo

  3. OMFG!! How did I miss this life-changing post! My dearest love I’m so proud of you! Your nails look fabulous & your tremor can suck it! I totes agree with the gals- I’m about the Sally Hansen life. Double Duty’s my current fave. Remember Seche Vite used to be my go-to but that terrifying warning on the back of the bottle got to me

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