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Beauty Box Swap – Christmas Edition (Better Late Than Never!)

Why is the US postal system so slooooooow??! Am I the only one who complains about it? Every time I order anything from the US it feels like I’ll collect my pension before it arrives.

OK rant over! So my darling blogger boo, Etta, and I decided to do another beauty box swap over the holidays. While she received mine a while ago I only got mine last week, and boy was I excited when I saw that sucker sitting in the doorstep!!

20140202-115743.jpg Here’s a list of all the gems I received;
• Pop eyeshadow trio in Smokin’ Hot
• Ardell accent false lashes
• Maybelline Great Lash Limited Edition in Teal Appeal
• 2 x elf liquid lipstick in pink lemonade & baby lips
• Flower Shine on lip gloss in Come What Mayflower
•Lauren Conrad bracelet
• Soaps and the most adorable Wonder Woman card.

I absolutely love the Flower lip gloss and have been wearing it everyday since I got it. I’m also in love with the LC bracelet which Etta tells me is from Kohl’s which we don’t have here in Oz but sounds like a store that we need!!

Thanks again Etta, can’t wait to play around with the eyeshadows and the lashes. Oh and the teal mascara, I’ve never used anything but black so watch out for some crazy new makeup looks from me!

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  1. What a cute box of goodies!! ❤ I LOVE Lauren Conrad items as it's affordable and girly. Right up our alley!! hehe. How amazing is that Wonder Woman card?! Great choices, Etta!!! ❤

      • That’s the perfect place for a picture of Wonder Woman-great inspiration spot =)

        Just wondering, how long did the post take to get to you? I’ve never mailed something to Australia before but I have mailed something to the Philippines and I know it takes suuupppper long. I can just imagine boats loaded with post from all over the world or something like that lol.

      • I think it took about 3 weeks or so, but I know that when I was in the States years ago I was sending home postcards and they all arrived AFTER I got home! My mum was so upset thinking I’d not sent her anything LOL!!
        Wonder why that is? I know the UK can be a bit shitty too *shrug* not saying Oz post is great or anything hahaha

      • Aw, that’s so sad your mom thought you forgot about her!! That’s crazy how long it takes to send a postcard considering it’s simply a postcard! I wonder why it takes so long too! If we can put a man on the moon then why can’t we send mail more timely and efficiently?Because who’s on holiday for more than 3 weeks at a time?! Just sayin’.
        Oh well. Sorry to get off topic!! =)

      • It’s so true, think of all the advancements in technology and we still can’t send a stupid letter in the mail and get it to some in a timely fashion! LOL!!
        Look at us complain, you’d think we were a couple of old ladies hahahaha

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