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Queen Victoria Market’s Night Market

ImageFood as far as the eye can see! With over 60 different stalls to choose from with cuisines from all around the world, it’s easily what makes Wednesday nights amazing at the Queen Victoria Markets. You can grab a Filipino chicken BBQ skewer and devour it while waiting in line for your souvlaki and then grab a refreshing cup of sangria to wash it all down with before heading back in to grab a serving of delicious waffles or gelato. 

If foods not your thing (grab your coat and GET OUT!) there are hundreds of little market stalls to traipse through from fashion, jewellery, art, soaps and beauty products and you can even get your tarot cards read or have a relaxing Thai massage. Each week there’s also four different bands playing as well as a silent disco that takes place, which I’m dying to take part in!


The Wednesday night markets are an annual summer staple now in Melbourne, running from the start of December all the way through til the end of March. I usually go each year and this year I managed to devour a super tasty calamari burger as well as some ciders and the BIGGEST ice cream I’ve ever eaten in my life. All of this while people watching, my favourite past time. Unfortunately (or fortunately for my purse) no fashion purchases were made this year, although I did manage to find a pair of red sequinned Ugg boots, OK I’ll show myself out…

Queen Victoria Market’s Night Market, corner of Elizabeth and Victoria Streets in Melbourne’s CBD and easily accessible by foot, car, train, tram, bus or bike.  Enter the Market from Elizabeth Street, Victoria Street, Peel Street or Therry Street.


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  1. You are going to make me use up all my “YAAAASSS” and there won’t be any left for anyone else. Loved this! I need that effing food in my face right now- how could they make a calamari burger and not send it to my doorstep? RUDE.

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