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Fudge Urban Hair Chalk

20140210-080352.jpg When I was a teen I used to colour my hair all the time. It all started when I was 13 with some cheap semi-permanent auburn dye and from there I went red, plum, black (don’t forget the blue stripes! *shudder*) and brown. Any chance I got I would beg mum to slop henna all over my head and would bake it in the sun for the maximum colour effect. It didn’t matter that these colours didn’t suit me, all that mattered was that it was dramatic and eye-catching!

All that fun stopped around my early 20s and I’ve been a bottle blonde ever since. Most times I don’t even think about it but every now and then I get an urge to do something crazy and pop a permanent green streak in my hair. Thankfully the corporate world and common sense prevail.

That is until I heard about hair chalk! I turned to Twitter to see if anyone could offer advice on whether it looked good and watched many YouTube clips and I finally decided I had to try it for myself. I chose Fudge Urban as it seemed to be the only one available that could be applied to dry hair. I didn’t really fancy having to faff about with wet chalk and making my bathroom a mess. The chalk comes in an easy to use applicator that leaves your hands colour free – perfect. All you have to do is draw on your hair and then shake out the excess dust, a light spritz of hairspray to set and you’re ready to go!

20140210-081952.jpg I chose pink, as it’s one of the colours I’ve never been, but they also have red, blue, purple and white.

20140210-082417.jpg I mainly concentrated on my fringe and popped some stripes here and there and I absolutely love the result. And the best thing was it all washed away the next day ready for work! I’m not sure how this would work on darker hair but the colour showed up very bright on my lighter locks. I’d highly recommend Fudge Urban if you wanted to add a bit of pizzazz to your weekend ‘do.


20140210-082828.jpg Of course I has to pick a cocktail to match!

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