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Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Cream

20140216-150542.jpg I first saw Velourlips on Priceline’s Instagram feed and I was immediately intrigued. The lip creams looked to be highly pigmented and über colourful. Instead of being daring and grabbing the cute lilac shade, I played it safe and bought red and orange.

20140216-152308.jpg I love super glossy/wet lips and don’t tend to wear matte lipstick as I find them too dry and I’m not a fan of my lips looking cake-y. It’s like a bad throw back to the 90s. I had such high hopes because I love Australis but unfortunately Velourlips just didn’t deliver; they were way too dry and it felt like I was wearing paint. Noooooooo. Why? They look so pretty on the wand.

20140216-152905.jpg I do love the colour of NY-Cee, it’s a gorgeous intense red and wears for hours and I mean hours. I tried getting it of with a makeup wipe and it hardly budged at all! Most times I really want my lipstick to last all day, this time around I couldn’t wait to get this off. It just felt too sticky and heavy on my lips. Out of the two colours I chose I think I could salvage NY-Cee by popping some clear gloss over the top, not a complete a waste, but completely the opposite of a matte lip.

20140216-153732.jpg Rio D on the other hand is just ugly and clownish looking, no other way to describe it. It looked like I was playing in the toy box and chewed on a crayon. It’s not attractive AT ALL!

20140216-154713.jpg Lesson learnt: don’t buy things I’ve seen on an Instagram feed? No, of course not! I wish I had done a little more research though to see if other bloggers would recommended them.
So if you’re a fan of matte lipstick then these are for you. They’re long lasting and the colours are bright and vibrant. I just felt like I was an extra in a Wham! video clip.

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  1. I love Wham! =) I hate it when a color looks too clownish and bright on me. You think to yourself, maybe this can work if i wear it with such and such, or at night, lol but to no avail. The red one looks gorgeous on you, though!! ❤ However, if it doesn't feel nice on your lips then it's not worth it. (that's what she said! ha!)

    • YES! It was just too ridiculous. Think I’ll place this in the dress up box for any future parties LOL!
      I do like the red one and I’m hoping that if I wear it with a gloss it’ll feel better, if not it’ll be banished too alas 😦

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