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Baby Comb Back

20140302-182339.jpg A couple of weeks ago I posted a question on my Facebook page asking if anyone still wore hair combs. This was after I’d seen two women in the span of 10 minutes wearing them. I couldn’t believe they were back in vogue, or had they never gone away? I can’t help thinking they’re a little dated but wanted to try them out for myself. I bought a four-pack of good ol’ Lady Jayne brown slide combs and I started trialling them out.

20140302-184717.jpg The first thing I noticed was that my hair was a little too thick for the combs to sit and stay in all day. I also found it helped when I had some product in my hair (the more hairspray and mousse the easier it sat) and if it was a little dirty, all the better.

20140302-185354.jpg I like these combs to wear around the house to keep my fringe outta my face but I don’t think these will be a staple in my everyday hair routine. I was too busy shoving them back into my hair or just fiddling around with them which was very annoying by the end of the day.

Now if I were super creative I’d jazz these up either with some coloured wool like these super cute pics I found on Pinterest.

20140302-190832.jpg Or even grab some little diamantés or baubles and super glue them on. I totally would’ve made these for you but I know I would’ve somehow got the diamanté in my eye while glueing the comb to my forehead – true story! 😳

20140302-191534.jpg I am a fan of these blinged out versions for a night out like I’d worn to the Fashion Aid Ball

Are you a fan of hair combs? How do you wear them?

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  1. Most of my workaday hairdos in the 80s would have included combs! But I think you’ll find they’re falling out because they have to go in a direction opposite to your hair. Hard to describe, but you sort of need to twist them back around a bit after you slide them in. And the thicker the hair the better, just don’t push too hard or the flimsy little prongs break. I wouldn’t bother with plain ones anymore but quite like the blingier models!

    Donna 🙂

    • Yeah I felt like most of the time I was stabbing myself in the head – not pleasant. Will need to find the “right” way to pop them in. 🙂
      Thanks Donna xo

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