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ImageI’ve been such a spoilt girl! The gorgeous and fabulous Karen from KPSays (who is my new champers swilling partner in crime, I might add) gave me the BIGGEST bag of make-up goodies. She’s down in Sydney at the moment from the US and I had a chance to fly up and meet her for the weekend. Before she made the trip she’d asked if I was after anything in particular and my only request was for Lorac Front of the Line Pro Liquid Liner as I can’t get that here in Oz. Well! She went one step further and got me THREE liquid liners – my fave make-up item ever (ok, maybe a very close second to mascara); the Lorac liner, Napoleon Neo Noir and Wet n’ Wild Mega Liner.

I’ve had so much fun playing with these and testing them out over the last couple of weeks. They were all super easy to use but I found the Lorac and Napoleon ones more user friendly as they have the nib versus the Wet n’ Wild brush.


ImageNapoleon Neo Noir Liquid Liner

I love Napoleon make-up but only have a couple of lipsticks so I was super excited to try this liner out. The packaging is gorgeous as all of the Napoleon range is. Like I mentioned it’s nib makes it easy to apply and control and it has a luscious and glossy texture. The only down side to this liner was that by the end of the day it started to smudge onto my lids. Hey, it may only be because I have super oily and hooded lids, but I guess with some extra primer it may last the day through. This will be my next experiment!


ImageWet n’ Wild Mega Liner in Black Sparkle

I am a huge fan of this liner. It has flecks of silver running through it so it broke up the usual straight black I wear every day. As I mentioned previously it has a brush which may be a little tricky to use if you’re new to liquid liner, but seeing as I’m an old pro *ahem* it wasn’t an issue. This definitely stood the test of lasting all day and even into the night for some after work drinks. A definite winner! I’d really like to try this with a grey/silver pencil on the lower water line for a night time look – watch out for a future post.


ImageLorac Front of the Line Pro Liquid Liner

But this ladies and gents is hands down my favourite of the three. I’ve read so many rave reviews about this liner and I knew I had to get my little hands on it. It has a fabulously thin nib that allows you to draw on the thinnest of lines (if that’s your jam) which I’ve never been able to achieve with other liners. It lasted the test of time throughout the day and it has the prettiest packaging too. I don’t know what I’ll do when it runs out! I’ll just HAVE to make that trip to the US later in the year, simply for the Sephora run alone. All I need to do now is to perfect that cat eye GAH!!

ImageThanks again to Karen!

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  1. That Lorac one looks great…nice and opaque. Can’t stand eyeliners that end up thin and patchy. You do know that Hawaii is only a relatively short flight away and has both Sephora and Macy’s…chock full of makeup!

    • Do not tempt me Donna! Seriously considering another trip later this year – possibly fit in some fashion shows, a Def Leppard concert and many shopping adventures!

  2. The Lorac def looks the best! I haven’t tried mine yet. I am going on a Def Leppard hunt so we can go!!! Love ya girlie. x

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