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Livin’ a Teal-age Dream

20140310-135427.jpg Now that I’m a nail painting expert *ahem!* I thought it’d be fun to match my nails to my eyelashes, as you do of course. I have the lovely Mayelline Great Lash in the limited edition Teal from the gorgeous Etta, from out last beauty box swap and thought it’d go great with my new Covergirl Outlast nail polish in Constant Caribbean which is on sale at the moment at Priceline for less than $5!  I think the two go together fabulously!


IMG_7095[1]Do you ever match your make-up to your nails or to your outfit?

And speaking of Teenage Dream (was I?) I think Katy Perry would totally match her nails to her mascara. Did anyone manage to snag tickets to her Oz Tour? I, alas, didn’t get any but I would love to go and see her, I think her shows look like so much fun. She really is the epitome of colourpoptastic!! Has anyone been to any of her concerts? Can you score me a ticket 😉 I’m kidding! (unless you can of course!)

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    • Oh thank you!

      I’d never used a coloured mascara before (I know, shock horror!) but I really like it and wonder what other colours are out there 🙂

      Thanks for reading

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