OOTD: Read My Lips


Look how awesome this jumper/sweater (what do you call them*?) is I got from Kmart, it’s like it was made for the blog! At first when I saw it on the rack I wasn’t sure about it as I’m not a huge fan of jumpers on me. So I passed it by and left it for a few weeks until I saw a girl walking down the street wearing this exact same jumper and I thought “oh I can so pull that off!” Off I tottered to Kmart and bought this baby for the princely sum of $20! BARGAIN! Can I get an amen?!


The sleeves are a tad long on me (sigh, the perils of being a shorty) but I solved that problem by rolling them up a notch and it’s like I’ve created a new trend – move outta the way I’m coming through! Today I’ve teamed it with my Sussan flip skirt, my Target gold flip flops and a scarf I got as a present a few years ago.

*I had this conversation with an American and a Brit at work, we all had different names for them. I think it’s hilarious!

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  1. Love this sweater! You styled it so cute! I have one similar from H&M but i haven’t worn it as much since it hasn’t been too cold here. I know it took me awhile to get used to seeing “jumper” when ordering online !! Haha

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