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Happy Snaps from Port Douglas

Vacations are the best. Not having to wake up to an alarm, staying in a cushy hotel and dining on some extremely yummy meals are totally my idea of heaven. What isn’t is trying to get back into the swing of things once you’re back to reality. Reality is a cruel and evil bitch! Getting up bright and early yesterday for work, on a frosty Melbourne morning was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do (OK I’m exaggerating but you get my drift)!

So I thought I’d share some pics from my trip to Port Douglas, so we can both reminisce and work through the pain together. You may have seen some already if you follow me on Instagram, and if you don’t you should, my pics are fab!! For those of you who don’t know the geography of Australia, Port Douglas is in Far North Queensland, about 2,900 kilometres away from Melbourne:

ImageThe weather in Queensland is generally fantastic, that is if a cyclone warning wasn’t placed the week before your vacation! We had hot and sticky weather, and lots of rain too. Oh well, more time for cocktails. Enjoy the pics xo

ImageThe lux apartment we stayed in right in the heart of Port Douglas, as you can see we have our priorities in order with the fridge.


We were blessed with a couple of gorgeous days filled with sunshine and we hit the pool. Dannii Minogue autobiography in tow.


Some glorious views! That little guy down the bottom is a sand crab – there were so many we saw on our morning beach walk.


Delicious Easter dinner at Salsa. A strawberry champagne cocktail to start and then I had the seafood Jambalaya which had crocodile sausage in it. It was amazing!


Trialling out a side braid to get my hair off my face, talk about sweaty! Some more drinkies while watching the football on a rainy day.


We came 2nd in the pub trivia and won a $20 drinks voucher, cheers! Also one of the best green curries I’ve ever had at Siam by the Sea.



Our last supper at Harrisons, simply exquisite! I had the 9 hour braised ox cheek which was sooooo delicious I’m still dreaming about it. 

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  1. Love it!! I’m so happy you had a wonderful time on your vacay! You looked so pretty with a side braid in your hair and a cocktail in your hand! =) Here’s to the next one, babe!!

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