Warm Sweet Potato, Prawn & Mango Salad


You would think it was the middle of winter in Melbourne because it’s so bloody cold! But I’m refusing to believe it’s only a month ’til winter is in full swing and embracing autumn by its bare balls trees.

I’m currently doing the Type O Blood Group Diet (naturopath’s orders!) and there’s certain fruit and veg that I can’t eat like potato and avocado. Why sweet Jesus?! I love those two veggies like they’re my kids (exaggeration) and was really feeling their loss until I embraced sweet potatoes. I’d forgotten how damn tasty they are! They are super delicious roasted or mashed and I thought I’d zap them in the microwave and incorporate them into this salad in place of avocado.

I love that this salad has all the colours of autumn; red, orange, yellow and shades of green. It’s super delicious and oh so healthy. Bon appetit peeps and happy Monday xo

• 1 medium sweet potato, peeled diced and zapped in the microwave until soft
• A big handful of prawns, tails still on
• 1 cup diced mango (I used frozen as they aren’t in season)
• 5-6 cherry tomatoes, halved
• A handful of mixed salad leaves
• 1 clove garlic, minced
• 2 teaspoon puréed ginger (I used the kind in the tube)
• 2 tablespoons olive oil
• 1/2 a lime, juiced
• 1 teaspoon honey
• Big pinch of cayenne pepper & salt
• Coriander to serve

• In a pan heat up half the oil and pop in the garlic and 1 teaspoon of ginger until it starts to sizzle. Add the prawns and cook for approx 8-10 minutes.
• Once the prawns are cooked toss them into a large bowl with your already cooked sweet potato, mango and tomatoes.
• In a small jar pop the remaining oil, ginger, honey, lime, cayenne pepper and salt and shake until combined (James Bond style). Pour the dressing over the sweet potato/prawn mix and stir to combine.
• In a smaller bowl arrange the salad leaves and then top with the sweet potato/prawn mix and sprinkle with chopped coriander.


See it’s so bloody cold I’m wearing a beanie inside!!

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