Pyjamas and Slippers and Heels oh my!


Don’t think Andi is too pleased to be my prop!

Confession time ladies (and gents); there’s nothing more that I love than coming home after a long day at the office and walking through the front door and ripping off my bra!! You know that feeling of taking off your over the shoulder boulder holder, washing off the days make-up and slipping into a clean and comfy pair of PJs – can I get an AMEN?! Now I’m not one to wear track pants so PJs are my comfy pants if you will. I just don’t see the point of changing out of your work gear into anything other than PJs if you’re only going to bed in a few hours. Seems like logical thinking to me.

ImageI needed to stock up on some more flannel pyjamas for the cooler months, as well as some new slippers as my old pair were a little of the whiffy side (and when I mean a little I mean they could kill one of my cats from the stench). So I took myself down to Kmart – my home away from home – and bought two new pairs of PJs for $11 each and this funky pair of slippers for $15, what an effing bargain!

ImageI almost walked out of the store with only these items but then I stopped a little too long in the shoe section and came across these cute nude/fawn heels and I couldn’t resist. They were only $15, can you blame me for buying them?

ImageAre you as helpless as I am when I walk into Kmart and come out with 50 items instead of the one thing I actually went in for? I really did show some restraint on this trip as I had an arm load of dresses and a fab coat which I put back knowing that I’ll be shopping up a storm soon. Oh well, back to shopping my wardrobe!

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  1. AMEN!!!! I immediately get into my pjs too!!! I also wash my slippers. So far, they’ve held up! I also have a pair almost like the ones you got! And those heels – definite good decision.

    • #PJs4Lyfe hahaha! I couldn’t really wash my old slippers – they were like imitation Uggs – so they wouldn’t have held up. Now I’m looking for heels in ALL the colours 🙂 x

  2. Cutest pics!! Awww how I miss Shmoo Moo! I hope she still miaows and waits for my stenchy shoes near the door. Hun you know I’m 100% about that bra-off life!

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