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Ever since I proudly exclaimed that I was going to start painting my nails again I’ve been going to town with my nails! Sure I’m still a bit of a nuffy when it comes to getting them just right every time, but I really don’t care. I’m having too much fun getting my nail game on and I love it. I wanted to share some looks that I’ve been sporting lately. Enjoy! xx


Jamaican Nut


houndstoothThis is by far my favourite from the bunch. I always frowned upon nail stickers for whatever reason, but they are the SHIT! Super easy to apply and ready to rock instantly. Voilà nail art!

I grabbed these Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips from Priceline for $14.95. There are 16 different sized strips in the pack, enough to do a full set and then some extra for feature nails. I definitely want to try more of these, they’re super fun. What do you think of the nail strips?

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    • Oh thanks Suzanne! I’ve come a long way hahaha!
      I love the yellow too, but it’s a cheaper brand and it chips really easily which is a shame x

  1. Lovely!! I love your attitude about doing your nails, ain’t nobody has time for the “perfect” nails, it’s just fun to do them! ❤ Although, those nail stickers look sooo cool and those are perfect, lol! I have always wanted to try those out but could never decide on a pattern! haha. I really love the hounds tooth pattern you chose!

    • I think that’s why I had such a phobia for the longest time about painting my own nails, thinking they had to be THE best, when I got that out of my head I felt so much better about doing them LOL!
      There were so many patterns to choose from and I didn’t want anything too busy for my first try. I’m so in love with them and have been getting sooooo many comments – Will definitely try some more now 🙂 Thanks Christina xxx

  2. I have that exact Sally Hansen pattern! I just haven’t tried them yet, because I’m nervous about stuffing them up! I need to buy any old pattern on clearance, and practice. I also have the same print for toe nails! Was it hard applying with your left hand? (Or right, if you’re a lefty!).

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