OOTD: Vintage Coat


How fabulous is this vintage coat?! I’ve been banging on about wanting to wear all my winter coats instead of always sticking to the one each year and remembered I have this baby stashed away. This amazing coat was my mum’s from the 70s and I stole it from her years ago in hopes that I’d get to wear it somewhere outrageous (like on a winter yacht cruise down the Rhine or at a party in a French château sipping on delicious Bordeaux), but alas it’s only ever been worn to dress-up parties. Such a shame as I think it’s so glamorous.


Somehow I don’t see me wearing this as I schlep to work each morning. I would be given so much side eye by the ladies of Melbourne that the force of their eyes rolling would give them all a stroke! Alas I only wore it for this photo shoot and then it was back into the depths of my coat cupboard only to see the light of day for the next Austin Powers themed party.


 It’s such a shame this coat doesn’t get the attention it deserves. 


Am I being silly? Should I just wear it and tell the haters to stick it? Obviously this coat is too fabulous to wear on the regular, but would you wear it out on a Saturday night on the town?

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  1. Oh my goodness that coat is AMAZING!!! You totally rock it! I would totally go out for a night on the town with you wearing that coat! I would hope that I have an equally as fabulous coat on too, though.

  2. OMFG fieeeerce!! I absolutely love it! Don’t just save it for when The Baron whisks you off to Monaco for the weekend- I say bust it out. Let the Melbourne All-In-Black parade suck it xo

  3. If you wear it out on the town, make sure no drunkies spill on you! I have several vintage coats of my Mom’s also – circa the 1960s. Very glam. I, too, only wear them every once in a while. We need to bust them out and strut about. Haters gone hate! It looks gorgeous on you! And I love that ring!!!

    • It’s such a shame isn’t it?! If I only I were visiting in winter and then we could wear our coats out on the town – perfect for the Def Leppard concert LOL!!
      I love the ring too, it’s ridiculously massive and gets in the way most times but it’s a good conversation starter 🙂

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