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A few weeks back I was out for my usual Sunday morning walk/run and I was in a shitty mood for some reason, let’s blame it on PMS like I usually do. As I was rounding a corner on my regular trail I passed a couple of girls who were both wearing cartoon Ts, one a Mickey Mouse and the other had a Hello Kitty. Once I’d seen them I thought to myself “gosh girls, grow up!” as they were clearly both in their early 20s. As soon as I had this thought my shoelace came untied and I bent over to tie it back up and that’s when I noticed my own hoodie…


All I could do was laugh and instantly my mood lightened! Who was I trying to kid? I’m the biggest child out there and still hold onto all my childhood heroes dearly. Case in point, my beloved Strawberry Shortcake hoodie and my doll, which I still have hidden somewhere, that little darlin’ turned 30 this year! 🙂

That got me thinking about all the other things I loved when I was a kid. I was definitely a sucker for Saturday morning cartoons and loved nothing more than getting up to watch Jem and the Holograms, which I’ve shared my love for before. I think the combination of the music and crazy outfits had me hooked and like I said it’s probably why I love rock n’ roll, make-up and sparkle so much.

Image Image

Music also played a huge part in growing up and having 3 older siblings helped develop my eclectic taste. One of my brothers used to quiz me every week with who was in the Top 10, this is when I was barely 5 or 6, and I guess this is where some of my random knowledge comes from. Around this time I remember LOVING Madonna and thought she was the absolute SHIT and I had to look like her! I remember asking my sis to get me the Madonna showbag from the Melbourne Show and I was all ready to get my collection of black rubber bracelets and coloured hair clip ins. All day I fantasised about how AWESOME I was going to look wearing the gear and dancing along to the video clips. Imagine my disappointment when my sis got home and instead of the much lusted after Madonna showbag she instead bought me the Cadbury’s showbag as it was “better value”. 😦 It’s OK Kris, I’ve forgiven you…just!


Another favourite of mine was Young Talent Time, for non-Aussies that was an amazing TV show in the 80s that was like the Mickey Mouse Club, and my favourite YTT’er was definitely (and still is) Dannii Minogue. I used to love watching her each week and wonder what amazing outfit she’d wear. When she left the show in 1988 I was devastated and wrote her some fan mail…signed Rosemarrii LOL!


Now at 34 I can still say I love these childhood heroes! Some I’ve left along the way, but a surprising amount I still admire. They are the people and things that have shaped the person I’ve become so for that I’m always grateful.

Who were your childhood heroes? Are you still a fan of them now?

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  1. This was a great story to hear today. I Love it! I have plenty of cartoon shirts like hello kitty and I am older!! And I often think to myself I really need to act my age but that would be boring!! Acting young is better for us so I say keep doing it!! Xoxo

    • I know!! Isn’t it better just to be youthful & fun instead of acting like a stick in the mud?! I’m all for being an adult (I love earning money & all that freedom) bit I think we all need to embrace our inner goofball xo

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