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Rockin’ In The USA: San Francisco

san fran1

As promised I’ll be showcasing some of my pics from my amazing time in the U.S. For those new to my blog I was away for a little over three weeks and managed to see and do some incredible things! I thought I’d split it up into several blog posts as I did eight cities, so you can imagine there are a lot of pics and even more stories to go along with them. So here’s the first of seven posts I have planned, starting off in San Francisco…

san fran7

DAY ONE: My bestie, Tez, and I arrived into San Francisco on Thursday evening and we were sooooo tired and ready for showers and calling it a day. After a quick bite to eat that’s what we did and we wrote this day off. We officially started the trip on Friday where we met up with our Urban Safari tour at Union Square.  From there, we drove up passed China Town and through to the Wharf then onto our first stop at the Palace of Fine Arts. We continued onto the Golden Gate Bridge where my love *insert sarcasm* of heights came out in full swing and I had to climb back down to the safety of terra firma! We continued driving on seeing all the sights before heading to our last stop back at the Wharf in time for our Alcatraz tour. If you’ve never been to Alcatraz you have to go! So eerie and full of stories. During our self guided audio tour my spidey-senses went into overdrive when we walked through solitary confinement. I just had an overwhelming sense of grief and pain as soon as I stepped into the room. FREAKY!

san fran2

Back on mainland we headed back to our hotel and freshened up before heading out to see New Order at the Bill Graham Civic Centre. The show was amazing! I’ve been a fan since I was a kid so it was awesome to finally see them live. I definitely did my fair share of shaking my ass along to all the synth!

san fran3

DAY TWO: Napa Valley Winery tour day! We got picked up at our hotel and along with 10 other people headed off to our first stop; Viansa. This place has the most delicious Sangiovese (my fave)! Then it was on to Cline  where once our group was all a little lubricated we started chatting and getting to know each other. I love the power of wine. We then stopped for lunch at a bistro in Sonoma and had a chance to taste some chocolates and more wine before having to get back on the bus and head to Domaine Chandon which reminded me so much of our own Domaine Chandon in the Yarra Valley in Victoria – funny that! Then the drunks of the group (Tez and me, and our new friends Sara and Laurel) wanted to hit another winery, so we lucked out and went to Beaulieu for our last cheeky tipple before heading back to San Francisco.

san fran4Back at our hotel we power napped like champions and then it was out again to meet Sara and Laurel for dinner at Lark Steakhouse. More champagne! Finally we ended the night catching up with some of my colleagues who were over from Melbourne too and we partied to the wee hours.

san fran5

DAY THREE: Needless to say we were feeling über dusty! Oh so hung over it hurt!! We managed to get up and trammed our way down to the Wharf and ate at Hard Rock where we were total zombies and our waitress felt sorry for us LOL! We aimlessly walked around Pier 39 before tramming back the opposite way to find the “Full House” house. The rest of the day was a blur but we did manage to head back out for dinner at Pier Market and managed to eat some yummy seafood (alas no drinks that night!!)

san fran6

We topped it all off by seeing one solitary sea lion and walking around Fisherman’s Wharf before calling it a night. It was an amazing jam packed three days in San Francisco.

san fran8

san fran9

 Have you been to San Francisco? What were your highlights?

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  1. I loveeee San Fran! Hoping to get to Australia one day ;-)! If I could live in one city in Cali, it would be SF. Such a great vibe over there. Did you guys ride the cable car? That was probably the only disappointment throughout the whole trip :-(. We did the Napa Wine Tour too…amaaaaazing! Can’t wait to read the other cities!

  2. You look so beautiful in SF!! ❤ I absolutely love that city and the palace of fine arts is sooooo idyllic, like a fairytale. I want to renew my marriage vows there! hehe =)

    • Thanks so much! I know miss you too darling. Finding it hard to write the last couple of posts, I think once they’re finished it’ll feel like it’s truly over 😦

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