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Rockin’ In The USA: New Orleans


Hey hey, happy Monday my darling peeps! Thought I’d bring you the next instalment of my travel journal; part four – New Orleans. Shiiiieeet, talk about eating, drinking and intense belly laughs! Hope you enjoy it 🙂


DAY ELEVEN: After almost missing our plane in Augusta *ahem* Tez, Karen and I flew to New Orleans and met up with up my sister from another mister, Adj, A.K.A. Adjpants – now the group was complete, and we were henceforth known as the Benetton Bitches! 😛

We stayed right in the heart of the French Quarter which was handy and super colourful to say the least. Once we were all checked in we set off for lunch at Oceana where we had to wait FOREVER in a queue for a table before we realised we could go in and eat at the bar, why wait?! This is where the deep-fried, calorific portion of the trip takes place, can anyone say deep-fried catfish platter?! Mmmmmmm

Once our appetites were appeased we made our way to Pat O’Brien’s for their infamous Hurricane! Oooooooh chile, this drink was goooood and much needed in the gorgeous NOLA  heat. From there we went to The Monteleone Hotel and their awesome Carousel Bar. It was literally a bar that spun around like a carousel – so fun! After getting our drink on we went to watch some jazz before realising we NEEDED to get our asses to karaoke and show this town what we were made of! Next stop, Cat’s Meow.


We all decided on what song we were going to perform and set about warming up *ahem, 3-for-1 drinks* for our songs. I was first up and sang Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time”, naturally! So glad Bourbon Street got to realise my awesome singing ability!

Next Adj sang the karaoke anthem “I Will Survive”, Karen belted out “I Touch Myself” and Tez brought the house down with “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”. We were absolute stars by the end of the night and everyone knew that we were the “Aussie Girls” (regardless that only half the group were Aussies!). “THANK YOU CAT’S MEOW, IT’S BEEN REAL!”drops mike and walks out. 


Intense karaoke-ing!

DAY TWELVE: Surprisingly, we weren’t feeling dusty when we woke up! This could be due to the fabulous slice of pizza and (eye) candy before we hit the sack!! We started the day off at Café du Monde where we met up with Karen’s blogging buddy (and now ours!), Chelsea from Tiger Love Beauty, and her gorgeous friend Ashley. Here the girls sampled the beignets which are meant to be amazing (none for me, alas I’m not a donut fan, I know I’m lame!) before we agreed we needed some real food and headed to The Old Coffee Pot for brekky. Service was painfully slow, but the food was delicious!


The food, oh the food!


From there we headed to the St. Louis Cathedral and had a peek inside and took some lovely snaps out the front and near the fountain, then it was off to have a look at the Mississippi River and a wander through the French Markets. Talk about sweating up a storm, the humidity was incredible! By this stage we’d worked up an appetite and HAD to stop by Central Grocery for what Karen promised to be the best tasting sandwich ever – the muffuletta! Oh baby, she didn’t lie! This sweet bastard of a sandwich was so incredibly tasty I’m actually salivating thinking about it as I type this. SO EFFING GOOD! After all that eating we had to have a lie down, so we bid farewell to our new friends and headed back for a much needed chillax.


Later that evening we headed out FOR MORE FOOD to Fiorella’s for another recommendation from Karen, for their fried chicken. We went to town on the amazing and succulent chicken and their fried pickles. FRIED PICKLES?! How was I ever going to live without these now?! Bellies now fit to bursting we waddled out and back to Bourbon Street but not before being recognised, not once but twice, as the “Aussie Girl from the Cat’s Meow”. We were famous in this town! Finished off an amazing day with some cool-cat jazz at the Preservation Hall.


DAY THIRTEEN: How we were hungry for breakfast after the immense day of food yesterday I don’t know but we went to Stanley and it was AMAZING! I couldn’t go passed the Eggs Stanley –Cornmeal-Crusted Oysters, Poached Eggs, Canadian Bacon and Creole Hollandaise on a Toasted English Muffin UMMMMM YES!!!!


We then spent the morning strolling in and out of some art galleries and shops before taking a hop on/off bus tour. Holy shit, this tour was tortuously boring! OK, let me clarify, driving around and seeing the sights was great but our tour guide was soooooooo useless and kept prattling on about crap and we hardly learnt a thing about New Orleans. Once it was, thankfully, over we were all need of a drink so we headed to Chartres House for a vino and some fried green tomatoes (just like the movie! and so delicious).


Back to the room for a quick freshen up then back out for, you guessed it, more food. We went out for dinner to Gumbo Shop which was a recommendation from one of my girlfriends in Melbourne, and it didn’t disappoint (did any of the food in this town?!) The food was incredible and our waiter was HAWT!! Doesn’t hurt does it? After dinner we stumbled upon a gay bar called Oz (how apt) and a drag show! It was a perfect night to end our travels in the “dirty south”.


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  1. I shed a tear remembering these good times. Yeah, Karen & Rosie. 3 or 1 drinks, we take “Fireball” shots. And some jello ones. Good times with good friends! Miss you girl!

  2. My liebschen, I just LOVED this so much! I was laughing and crying at the same time- absolutely brilliant. Oh the debauchery! Can’t wait till next time, these pics give me so much life xoxo

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