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NARS1If you read my blog often, or any other Aussie beauty blogger for that matter, you’d know that I always talk about how expensive make-up is Down Under. I’m talking crazy expensive! For example; Maybelline Great Lash Mascara is a product that apparently gets sold every second of the day around the world (my stats probably are a little overblown, but work with me here!) and usually retails for about $13 here (about $12USD) while in the US it’s half that! We get screwed royally is the gist of what I’m saying.


So you will all understand why I went a little cray cray in the US when I got to stores like Ulta and Sephora and spent a shit load on lots and lots of make-up to bring back with me. I was SAVING money in the long term! *ahem*

One brand that I’ve always wanted to try, but is super expensive here in Oz, is NARS. I’ve read countless blog reviews about all their products and how great they are, epsecially the Velvet Matte Lip Pencils, but I’ve been too much of a tight ass to hand over the $40 they are asking for. In the US they were $25, a way more palatable price tag to stomach!

NARS Cruella + Dragon GirlFrom the get-go, as soon as we touched down in the land of hot dogs and peanut butter, I was in search of Dragon Girl in the Velvet Matte Lip Pencils. This was definitely my “holy grail” colour to get. I’d been reading about it for the longest time on different blogs and just knew I had to get my hands on this particular shade of fire engine red. First I tried Sephora in Seattle with no luck. Then came Augusta, New York and Vegas all coming up with a big fat zero as it had sold out everywhere! WHAT?! How was I going to go on without luscious red lips?

In its place I went with Cruella, the second colour I wanted. This is a deeper, darker shade of red with blue undertones. I really love it and was happy to go home with second best *sob*

NARS Cruella

Usually I’m not a fan of matte lipsticks/pencils at all as they are super drying on my lips and I get that sexy crust of colour happening by the end of the day. I’ve learnt to combat that by popping a dab of Vaseline on top of the colour to add some moisture back in. Not too much though, just enough to stop my lips from sticking together.


So here I thinking Cruella would be my one and only NARS purchase but while I was in Vegas having my make-up done at Sephora (more of that in posts to come) my lovely MUA, Marvin, did my lips with this gorgeous lip liner and gloss that I just HAD to get as well! The pencil shade is Fantasia and the gloss is Super Orgasm, which I would have bought just on it’s name alone haha! I love the soft nude look it gives me. I don’t tend to wear lip liners so this pencil has really converted me into wanting to get more. The gloss has little specks of glitter in it which I know some people aren’t fans of, but I love it. I think it adds an extra depth to the nude lip look.

NARS Fantasia + Super OrgasmThen finally on our last day in L.A., while we were down at the Walk of Fame, Adj wanted to run into Sephora one last time to see if they had something she was after. I vowed I wouldn’t buy another thing after spending more than $700 on make-up already. By chance I happened to be dawdling in the NARS section and I happened to check if they had Dragon Girl in stock and BAM!! – THEY HAD DRAGON GIRL! It was like the red-lipped ghost of Marilyn Monroe had led me there and told me I had to get it. Who was I to mess with the ghost of Norma Jean? Right? RIGHT?!

I was going home a winner with my first AND second choices in the velvet matte lip pencils and a bonus lip pencil and gloss combo! 🙂

NARS Dragon GirlAre you a NARS fan? Please don’t tell me their other products are awesome as I’ll have to save up a month’s salary just to buy them here in Oz 😉


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  1. That red is divine! A seriously easy everyday colour. I’ve only just convinced myself that lippy doesn’t need to be saved for a special occasion. I’ll wear it even just to the movies, purely because I feel like a bombshell when I have it on.

    • Amen Jess! I was the same too up until about a year ago. I always thought people would think I was being too fancy if I wore lippy all the time, then I thought FUCK THAT! I want to wear it all the time, and I AM FANCY! So now I do! LOL! xo

  2. Okay you and Karen are officially making me want to run to Sephora and pick up one of these matte pencils! I don’t think I’ve ever tried anything from NARS, but I might buy myself a little birthday present and get one. I’m so glad you were able to find Dragon Girl!

  3. Fantastic!! I was going to offer to look for it for you and send it if I find it but alas you found it like a Prince Charming! 🙂 looks marvelous on you! I will have to try it I’m a MAC girl 😉

  4. First of all, I LOVE your new blog layout!! <3<3 You should do mine =) lol! Second, Dragon Girl is my go-to red lip!!!! It's perfect the the holidays as well. I'm sooo happy you found it!!! ❤ If you didn't I would have sent you one! hehe. That's crazy how makeup is sooo freakin' expensive in Australia! =( Let me know if you ever want anything and I will send it to you!! ❤ (btw, I heard there is a way to mail nail polish, you just have to mark it a certain way or something. Just a thought!)

    • LOL! Thanks so much Tina! You know you helped push me out of my funk and now I’m in love with my blog again 🙂 ❤
      And thank you, now I know who to come to when I run out LOL! xo

  5. I see the leopard sandals in one photo! Are you loving them??? So happy you found Dragon Girl. Great choices on your NARS selections!!!

    • Hahaha KP these are ANOTHER pair of leopard print sandals I bought when I got back – I really do have a problem!!
      I love it so much, don’t know what I’ll do when I use it all. Will have to organise another US trip 😉 xo

  6. Um yes hi. I love your face but you already know that. OMG THESE LIPPIES!!! FIERCE! I was seriously lusting after that nude shimmer when you got it. And can we talk about how cute these props are?! Eeeee! Xo

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