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Rockin’ In The USA: New York City

nyc1Hello dollface! Thought I’d bring you part five of my travel journal to get you through the weekend. Today we hit NYC! Can you hear Alicia Keys singing in your ear? I know I did the whole time I was there 🙂 I truly love New York and was happy to be back for the 3rd time, you know what they say right, 3rd times a charm, enjoy…

nyc2DAY FOURTEEN: This day was filled with travel! The girls and I got into NYC in the late afternoon and checked into the Marriott Marquis at Times Square – what a great spot. Eventually after some hassles with lost luggage Karen’s husband, Joey, met us at the hotel and then we were off to the East Village to meet their friend Oliver and to have dinner at Hearth. All I can say is WOW! This place is amazing, their food is to die for and the wines are amazing. It was so great to have fresh produce after eating deep fried shiznit in New Orleans. We were all thoroughly impressed.

After dinner we went across the street to WCOU Radio/Tile Bar for some more drinks before calling it a night.

nyc3DAY FIFTEEN: Tez, Adj and I set out for some sight-seeing bright and early. First stop; the Empire State Building. We truly lucked out as there weren’t any lines to get to the top. It was a stunning view from the 86th floor but you know how much I love heights! I effing crapped myself and stayed very close to the inside perimeter of the building. So close in fact I smacked my arm on a bolt that was sticking out and I still have a shiner to show for it! After some quick snaps we made our way down to safety again and found a bagel joint for breakfast.

nyc4We schlepped down 5th Avenue and then onto Broadway and just “happened” to spy a Sephora that we had to go into. It was Adj’s first Sephora experience so it would’ve been rude not to go in 😉 From there it was onto Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment building from Sex and the City. If you’re a fan like me then you know that this was super EXCITING! The street was a lot smaller/narrower than I’d expected. I mean, how did they get Mr. Big’s town cars down there??! Ahhh the wonders of television. By this stage we were so knackered and had a deadline to meet so in true NYC style we hailed a cab and went down to Battery Park *insert “Get Into the Groove” and all the Desperately Seeking Susan references here!* Saw Lady Liberty waaaaaay off in the distance and then it was back into another cab and back up to Central Park West to meet Karen and Joey at Tavern on the Green. Super fancy and the people watching was amazing, especially all the hot men 😉

nyc5We then had our first subway experience of the trip and caught it all the way up Broadway to Tom’s Restaurant A.K.A. Monk’s Diner from Seinfeld. Another huge tick off the bucket list for such a pop culture buff like me! This place was amazing and had some awesome traditional NYC treats. I had the Reuben sandwich which came with soup NO SOUP FOR YOU!

nyc6Later that evening we shot up to the 48th floor to The View which is a revolving restaurant/bar at the top of the Marriott. Such a beautiful view of this fabulous city! I got to see the light show at the top of the Empire State Building for the 50th anniversary of Andy Warhol’s Empire = AMAZING!

We then kicked on to a rooftop bar called Haven at the top of Sanctuary Hotel which was another great spot to do some people watching, all while taking in the gob-smacking views of the city.

nyc7DAY SIXTEEN: After a quick brekky we caught the subway down to see the new 9/11 memorial waterfalls which was so moving. I couldn’t believe people were taking selfies and pics in front of it, isn’t anything sacred or am I overreacting?

We had some time before our tour through the museum so hopped on another subway to get to Magnolia Bakery (another SATC landmark) in the West Village. I had a pretty shitty cupcake and was disappointed. I thought I’d be magically transformed into Carrie Bradshaw and have an amazing NYC apartment and matching wardrobe but alas it was only a dry, stale cupcake. Sigh!

nyc8Back at the museum we each took our time going through all the exhibits and artefacts from that tragic day. It was a very emotional experience walking through and seeing the pictures of all the people who had lost their lives. Once we met up at the end we all agreed we needed a drink so we hopped on ANOTHER subway uptown to try out the Met’s rooftop bar only to be told that we had to pay the price of admission – $25 plus the cost of a drink?! Fuck that noise!

Eventually found a bar on the other side of the park called “Dive Bar” – perfection! Enjoyed some vinos while trying out all the American candy bars they had on offer as bar snacks. This is how I’ve come to be an Almond Joy fan mmmmm so good!

Dinner that night was at Pappardella, an absolutely delicious Italian restaurant that has an incredibly mouth-watering menu. Everyone’s meals were fabulous and we all left deliriously happy on our last night together in NYC.

nyc9Have a great weekend everyone! Next week I’ll be wrapping up my travel journal on the West Coast. Hope you’ve enjoyed the adventures so far 🙂


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  1. Way to make me jealous… again! The US is one of the only places my other half would consider going. He just isn’t interested in going overseas with me anywhere else. Oh, well! More solo holidays for me.
    Buuuuut… you do suck for making me restless. Thanks.

  2. Oh, our last days together before my babies flew out of the nest for the West Coast! It was such a fun time. I cannot believe we didn’t take photos of the amazing food at Hearth! I guess we all just dug in and didn’t even think of stopping to take pictures! I have so enjoyed reliving our time together in your posts! Looking forward to our next adventure!!!

    • I thought the exact same thing! I think we were too engrossed in the fab food that we didn’t even stop to think about taking photos LOL!
      I know, it’s made me so happy reliving onto these memories and fleshing them out for as long as I can. Dreaming of our next adventure…. xo

      • You guys!! I’m getting teary every time I read one of these posts Rosie-kins! We were so lucky, HOLY FARK New York was incredible. LMAO @ fuck that noise for paying to get up to the Met rooftop- I was just telling that story today. Awesome post my shnookums ♥

      • Haha it’s so true though! I’m too fabulous to have to pay for admission 😜
        We really did have an amazing time and now I’m dreaming about London, Paris, Italy & Croatia for 2015 😁😁

      • Innit? They should have been paying us! Oooh you saucy minx- now I’m going to start obsessing about Europe 2015 too… #Europeanlifeinthesummertime

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