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Rockin’ In The USA: Las Vegas

vegas8Hello my darlings! We’re almost at the end of my travel posts and it’s making me super sad to wrap this little adventure up. I hope you’ve been enjoying our amazing #AmericanLifeInTheSummertime fun through the U.S. Last week I finished off in NYC where we bid farewell to Karen and Joey and set off for the West Coast….

vegas5DAY SEVENTEEN: Up before the butt crack of dawn to catch our flight to L.A. It was so sad saying goodbye to Karen and Joey and we all vowed to see each other again VERY SOON! After a six hour flight (and thankfully a three hour time difference) we got into LAX and picked up our little hire car for the week. Next stop, LAS VEGAS baby! I adapted pretty quickly with driving on the “wrong side” of the car and road and we cruised the highways for the next four hours.

As we were approaching Vegas we passed through an amazing storm. You could see the clouds growing dark and heavy in the distance and then all of a sudden we were amidst the chaos and it was raining heavily and there was a gorgeous lightning show, and just like that it was over. Mother Nature is truly fabulous!

vegas3We checked into Planet Hollywood right on the Strip and the first thing we noticed was Britney Spears EVERYWHERE! She was playing a residency there but alas we weren’t willing to fork over tons of cash to watch her train wreck of a show (#SorryNotSorry to all the Britney fans out there). While we got ready for our evening ahead we ordered our first bit of room service for the trip – a bottle of champers! CHEERS!

That evening we had more drinks and a fabulous steak dinner at Strip House, with a much needed boost of red meat *ahem* we made plans for the following few evenings and called it a night. After the huge day of travelling we were all wiped and wanted to make the most of our few short days in Sin City.

vegas4DAY EIGHTEEN: Finally getting our shopping on! We trawled through the Miracle Mile shops and then made our way over to the Fashion Mall. I managed to score some great new pieces for my wardrobe and I think we were all more than happy with our fabulous purchases.

Before we knew it it was time for our make-overs at Sephora.  I had the lovely Marvin as my make-up artist and he did a great job with my smoky-eye look. I was worried I looked a little drag queeny but I think it was because I wasn’t used to wearing so much make-up. What do you think?..

vegas2Once we were all dolled up and looking FIERCE we made our way over to the Cosmopolitan and had an amazing dinner at China Poblano, a Chinese/Mexican fusion restaurant. This place was amazing! Stand out dish for me was the pork belly wantons mmmmm so good!!

After dinner it was time to hit the club Marquee – woo! Absolutely EVERYONE we asked told us we HAD to go to this club. After paying $20 to get in plus $16 a drink we were a little taken aback, especially since only one level was opened ‘cos it was a Monday night. Didn’t every night go off in Vegas?! We finally got to get our boogie on and managed to cut some amazing shapes on the dance floor 🙂

vegas1DAY NINETEEN: Spent the morning by the rooftop pool with some frozen daiquiris. This is my kind of holiday! It was already 33°/91° at 11:30am and I was in heaven, especially because I knew it was super cold at home! It was so surreal to be poolside and have the Eiffel Tower and other huge casinos towering over your. Only in Vegas baby 🙂

Once we were sufficiently fried we toured around the Strip and made our way into Paris and across the street to Caesar’s Palace where we we played the slot machines and I managed to win about $60 – that’ll go towards a bottle of champagne later on, thank you very much.

That evening we made our way over to Excalibur for dinner at Dick’s Last Resort  which we thought was quite fitting as a prelude to our night ahead! Then it was off to see the Thunder from Down Under *insert wolf whistles here!* We had such a great night carrying on and going crazy for these amazingly hot men. It was such a fun show to go and see and if you’re looking for a fun night out with the girls I would highly recommend it.

After the show we got our pic taken with the hunky and sweaty guys. SWOON!! How come I have to fly all the way to Vegas to see hot men like this from Australia?!

vegas6We had such an amazing experience in Vegas and wished we had more time (like everywhere else). Now it was onto our last stop…L.A. stay tuned for the last stop on our trip.

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  1. Vegas is the best isn’t? But I can’t believe you beautiful girls had to pay to get into marquee or drinks!! The shopping in Vegas is awesome too and I love seeing your photos and reading your recap! You are the best story teller! 🙂

    • I know right?! How very dare they make us pay!! 😜😜
      Thanks so much Suzanne! Last one coming up on Friday. Too sad!! I’ll have to go on another trip 😃😃 xo

  2. Love this darling! VEGAAAS! God, reading these and reliving the awesomeness is making me both happy and heartbroken at the same time. I can’t wait till the next trip. P.s. every time I think “Craigebrrrn” it makes me cackle! Xo

  3. By the way – I love your black strapless dress with flamingos (is it?) so cute and it took me awhile but that is funny that you are from down under and you came to see the thunder from down under!! Are they really Australian?? LOL

    • Thanks!! Yes they are flamingoes and I got it in Bali a couple of years ago.
      And yes they’re all genuinely from Australia and a couple were from Melbourne which we jokes about! Believe me Suzanne, I’ve never seen anyone that looks like that on my morning commute (I’m writing this while stuck on the train Hahahaha 😜😜)

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