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Rockin’ In The USA: Los Angeles


Hey hey and happy Friday to all my gorgeous readers. Alas this is the last post in my Rockin’ In The USA travel journal and I’m so sad to let this trip go. The girls and I had a blast during our amazing trip through America and I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading about it. So, for the last time in this series let’s hop over to La La Land….

la5DAY TWENTY: The drive back to L.A. was smooth and easy with a quick stop over at Fat Burger for brunch – ummm YES!

For our last stop on the trip we chose to stay in style and checked into The London, trés chic and trés ooh la la! I’m so glad my love of early 90s TV helped me find this place. It was a stones throw from the Viper Room which I was ecstatic about, more on that a little later. Upon arrival we were told our room wasn’t ready but we were invited to wait and chillax by the rooftop pool. Ummmm OK, if we have to *sigh*!

Once our room was ready it was straight into our bikinis and back up to the pool to stretch out and relax after a day of driving…all with a bevvy of course. While there Tez thought she’d spotted Cameron Diaz, which brought about much excitement, but it turned out to be some random skinny blonde – DAMN! Hahahaha!

la4Once we had our fill of the sun and realised we weren’t going to spot any celebs we all spruced up and headed out on the town. Our concierge recommended Eveleigh which was a great little trendy spot down on Sunset. As we were seated I glanced around the room and spotted James Marsden sitting at the bar! I had to calmly turn to Tez to confirm it was him (unfortunately I’m a little blind without my specs so had to make certain) and IT WAS JAMES MARSDEN! I’m here to tell you that he is even more beautiful in real life. DAMN! At one stage he walked passed our table and gave us a huge smile *insert wet undies here – sorry TMI!*

la1After dinner we headed to the Viper Room which was another massive tick off the bucket list. As a huge Johnny Depp and River Phoenix fan I’ve always wanted to go. I managed to sneak into the men’s room and have a bit of a weep over poor River and then when we were seated at a booth I may have rubbed the table and chairs and walls just in case Johnny had touched them too – OK I know that’s weird haha!

We saw two awesome bands while we were there; Ashes of Luna and RAD who were both edgy and rock n’ roll. We also managed to score Ashes of Luna’s E.P. as we told them we were from Australia and they were happy for us to spread the music Down Under.

la3DAY TWENTY-ONE: Another jam packed day filled with sight-seeing. First stop – 1428 Genessee Street A.K.A. 1428 Elm Street,  Nancy Thompson’s house from A Nightmare On Elm Street. O.M.G. talk about fucking awesome! In case you weren’t aware I am a huge Elm Street and Freddy fan so this was an ultimate childhood dream come true. This house haunted me for the longest time, I couldn’t believe it’s just a little house off Sunset Boulevard!

Next it was onto the Walk of Fame and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre where I got to place my hand into Cher’s and we were a match! I knew we had a lot in common 😛 We also managed to spy the Hollywood sign before one last stop at Sephora where I vowed I wouldn’t spend another dollar on make-up (at this stage I’d racked up over $700 worth – YOWZA!) BUT they had my holy grail item in stock. After searching each and every Sephora for NARS Dragon Girl lip pencil it was finally in my reach. So of course I had to buy it and now I cannot part with it. Damn you Sephora!!

Anywho, we then got stuck in good ol’ L.A. traffic on the way to Santa Monica Pier, but it was so worth it as it was a glorious day to be down by the beach.

la2That evening we had dinner with Adj’s old school friend, Daria. She picked a great place called Bossa Nova on Sunset. The servings were huge, I’m talking bigger than my head HUGE, and it was amazingly cheap!

From there we made our way to Hollywood hotspot Château Marmont. Unfortunately we didn’t spot any young Hollywood hotties but Tez and I did recognise an Aussie celeb (Axel Whitehead for those playing at home). I also managed to spot out a drag queen that was in Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful video clip – very random I know.

After a few drinks at Château Marmont we headed to Rock and Reilly’s Irish Pub and finished our night off there. It was such a fun night out and fabulous to meet another new local friend.

DAY TWENTY-TWO: LAST DAY OF THE TRIP! Nooooooooooooooooooo!! Spent the morning repacking our bags and lazing about our awesome room before waving goodbye to The London and headed out to Beverly Hills. We took some quick snaps in front of the infamous sign and then we were off to Rodeo Drive. So swanky! I’ve never been to a more fancy parking garage in my life, and the parking attendant was drool worthy! Made our way over to Sprinkles, an oh so cute cupcake and ice cream shop. This place has a cupcake ATM for those moments when you just NEED a damn cupcake and don’t want to talk to anyone. They’ve thought of everything! These cupcakes were so much better than the ones we had in NYC. Great find Adjpants!

Finally we headed to In + Out Burger as EVERYONE told us we had to go there before we went home, so we obeyed. The place was heaving when we go there, it was crazy! I’ve never seen anyone queue up for burgers like that. OK, so it was a good burger but I it didn’t blow my mind, sorry folks. I reckon Fat Burger was waaaaay better.

And just like that it was time to head to the airport and drop our car off. It was terribly sad to say goodbye to Adj, AGAIN! Hopefully it won’t be another full year ’til we meet up again.

IMG_9646[1]There you have it folks, my amazing three weeks in the U.S. It went by in a blur but looking back we did so many things it actually felt longer.

Thanks again to Tez, Adj, Karen + Joey, Hilary and all the other amazing people we met along the way 🙂 You all made my trip truly fabulous. I hope to visit again someday soon andif anyone needs to adopt a little Aussie girl to walk their dog, be their P.A. etc. please lemme know!


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  1. The Viper Room is on my list of must do’s while I’m over there! The love of my life, Slash (the god that he is) has played there so many times. I’m desperately hoping he’ll make an appearance when I’m there next year. My response would be similar to your James Marsden bodily function. I’ll pack a change of undies, just in case!

    • Hahaha Jess that is super cool! You must go there! I’m so upset that I saw Steel Panther (if you’ve never heard of them I urge you to listen, they’re a scream!) just played there last week! Missed it by that much!!!

  2. I’m so sad too that you’re done writing about your adventures! 😦 you crack me up! It’s funny how close I live to LA but never been to a lot of those fun spots you went to. Sprinkles cupcakes are the best!!! Sorry but I think in and out is way better than Fat Burger but I still like you!! Haha!! Xoxo

    • Hahahahaha! Phew, thanks Suzanne 😉

      It’s always the way, you could live in a city for a long time and never see the sights because you always think you’ll get to it one day. That’s why I like playing tour guide when friends come to town because I can experience a lot of new place for the first time too!

      Thinking of you lately as I’m gearing up for the racing carnival coming up in Oct/Nov 🙂 xo

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