MSFW 2014 Day Five: Nike Sports Luxe Runway

nike sports luxe runwayHmmmmm what do I think of the term “sport luxe”? Well in my honest opinion I think it’s an oxymoron! How can something designed for you to sweat and exercise in be deemed as “luxe”? I’m sorry, but you can’t have sportswear for anything other than sport.

Let’s just say I wasn’t the biggest fan of Wednesday’s lunch time runway show. It confused me seeing gym gear (and even that’s stretching it – rubber dress for tennis anyone?) and runners/sneakers teamed with fabulous clutches, blazers and trench coats. The little program blurb states:

Sports Luxe makes it fashionable to be fit and is one of the biggest trends of the season” 

Please do not tell me this is the future of fashion this season! If so I’m taking my bat and ball and going home 😐

nike sports luxe runway2

This is some next level shit from Nike though! It’s like they’ve merged sportswear with “90s clubber” wear (if anyone can remember those days!) – all that’s missing is the backpacks and lollipops!

nike sports luxe runway3I want to know – am I the only one that doesn’t find this trend appealing? Surely tracksuits are strictly for the running track or the couch and not the runway?!


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  1. ::stands up and claps:: you are soooo right! I never really got the whole sports luxe thing. There have definitely been outfits that I would wear because of this trend but im kind of confused lol

  2. LOOOOOL! This post cracked me up- I know you don’t even believe in trainers being worn as a fashion statement. I’m with you on this though! I love the idea of wearing skinny jeans with trendy Nike trainers & full makeup but I can’t even do that. Let alone with fashionable clutches! Ha! Xo

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