MSFW 2014 Day Six: Art Meets Fashion

art meets fashionOh dear! *shakes head* This event was a fabulous concept that had completely fallen flat! This was the spiel on the MSFW website:

A unique runway show mixed with an exquisite art exhibition of fashion illustrations by Alex Newton. Imagine an industrial space filled with exposed beams & large scale art hanging from above. Mixed with a runway show with the latest Spring/Summer collections from Talulah, BebeSydney and Ruby Sees All

art meets fashion1

Sounds fabulous right? Here I was thinking the show was going to be runway fused with art. Where fashion is influenced by the art and vice versa. An event where art plays a dialogue is today’s fashion trends and juxtaposes what we’ll be seeing in the future. I mean the limits are boundless.

art meets fashion2

Image via Instagram

What we got instead? Random (yet beautiful) sketches hung up while awkward looking models showcased 12 (TWELVE!) outfits, put together amateurishly by Adair Boutique, totalling a runway show that lasted no longer than 5 minutes! Twelve outfits does not make a runway show. What the actual fuck?! Oh if only I were given this event to run!

For starters this would have been in a real industrial space, you know I’m talking edgy, no bullshit fancy bar. Secondly, more clothes, more clothes, more clothes! And finally, actually take inspiration from the art work, in fact why not WEAR THE ART WORK! What a waste *wipes tears* How this event made it onto the MSFW program and the very fact they were charging $25 for entry is beyond me!

me + til

On a positive note we thankfully chose the dinner option beforehand and had a lovely meal to celebrate my niece, Tilly’s, 20th birthday. Happy birthday gorgeous girl!

art meets fashion4


joan rivers

On a side note, I wanted to add my two cents about the death of Joan Rivers. I’ve heard it said today that she was a bully, and perhaps she was, but my god was she fucking hilarious. A pioneer for female comics, Joan really hit her straps amongst the boys club that the comedy circuit was/is. Caustic, ballsy and fiercely inappropriate ’til the end, this is how I want to be remembered also. She was famous for her one liners and my favourite, for the longest time, has been this…

People say that money is not the key to happiness, but I always figured if you have enough money, you can have a key made

Vale Joan! I hope you’re giving them all some good schtick up in heaven. Fashion and the red carpet will not be the same withough you.

Have a great weekend peeps, I’m off to more MSFW shows…hopefully no more lemons!

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  1. I actually attended this event last night myself, and unfortunately could honestly not agree with you more. Great intention, terrible execution. The artwork was pretty though 🙂 x

      • I know I would have loved to! I didn’t really know many people at all so didn’t stay very long. No I didn’t – sort of a pop in pop out experience really (after literally 5 minutes…I was definitely expected at least a 20 minute show!!!)

      • I just saw one (had to leave early to rush back to the office!) this afternoon at the Hub, so I may head back there after 5pm tonight and check out what is happening, but I haven’t got tickets to anymore. what about you? 🙂 x

  2. Oh Darling, what a dud of a show!!!! Wtf?? Yes, if you were in charge, it would have been THE event of fashion week! Also, if Joan was a bully, I’m sure it was because she HAD to be. She made great strides in a male dominated world, and was a success. That don’t happen if you’re a shrinking violet!!!

    • AMEN Mamma Karen! Joan was hilarious and that is all. I mean anyone that is that quick witted is one clever cookie!
      And yes, I’m seriously considering applying for an event coordinator role for next years show!

  3. Cretins! This is why they need you for 2015! What a waste of an incredible idea 😦 Also R.I.P. our beloved Joan! She said what we were all thinking, and with such irreverent hilarity. Legend xo

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