MSFW 2014 Day Seven: Art Du Jour – The Spring Soiree

art du jour

Last night my sis and I attended the 1920s inspired Art du Jour by Leiela – The Spring Soiree, which was raising much needed funds for Kids Under Cover a charity that prevents youth homelessness.

First things first, we crashed that front row runway at The Apartment like BOSSES! I saw empty seats and thought “that ain’t right” so I went up to the organisers and worked my magic by telling them there were empty seats by the runway which looked kinda bad…and just like that we’re sitting ringside! Stick with me babe and I’ll take you to all the fancy places haha!

artdujour bridal fierceThe show was sooooo much better than Thursday nights disaster! For one; there were so many dresses coming down the runway it was fabulous. Everything from bridal chic to cute little races frocks, all with fascinators too. We also had a live jazz/swing band, Soul Chic – don’t you just love that name?!, serenading us as the models made their way down the runway, which by the way was lit up by candles. So beautiful!

artdujour gowns

My stand out favourites from the night were surprisingly the bridal gowns. They were so fresh and un-bridal like that I think you could get away with wearing these dresses to a regular ol’ shindig. I also loved some of the 20s inspired gowns, they reminded me so much of Anne of Green Gables meets couture chic, they were gorgeous and ethereal. Diana Berry meets Chanel!

artdujour ladies in red

Ladies in Red

artdujour runwayWe also managed to win a handmade knitted jumper through the raffle! Woohoo!! Perhaps that’ll show up in a future OOTD, you just never know.

artdujour up close and personalI was so relieved this show turned out to be great as I had the tiniest expectations going in and my excitement for MSFW 2014 was fast dwindling. Let’s hope the weekend and last 2 shows are fabulous and I get to finish off MSFW as a positive experience. Otherwise I’ll need to reconsider going to a show every day in 2015 and just pick out the winners.

Have a great weekend y’all! Have you been enjoying my covering of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2014? I can’t wait to get stuck into some of the pics from NYFW, which is happening this week too – has anyone ever been? Maybe I should set my sights on it for 2015 #WishfulThinking 🙂 xo

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