MSFW 2014 Day Eight: Blend – Sparkling Wines & Fashion Combine


An event that mixes wine and fashion? YES PLEASE! Day Eight of MSFW brought us to the gorgeous forecourt of the Arts Centre, to a little pop up marquee in the shadow of the spire, for Blend; Sparkling Wine & Fashion Combine. 

Now this was a fabulous concept executed well! There were six designs matched with six wines which were then matched with six canapés, this is my idea of heaven. Yering Station winery worked with designer Matcho Suba (who was a contestant on Project Runway AU) to come up with these blends. Suba’s designs are edgy and funky and he plays with neon really well. One of the girls from Yering Station had on a gorgeous Suba skirt that I was lusting over! It was a metallic 3/4 length, high-waisted number with a neon orange zipper going all the way up the front. I must get my hands on it!! 😃 Before the night concluded we were also lucky enough to see a performance by an amazingly talented dancer from the iconic Chunky Move dance company.


On the menu we had:

1. Foldafold Dress with Yarrabank Cuvee 2009 with a ballotine of red pepper Persian feta and goat’s cheese.

2. Niagara Dress with Yarrabank Crème de Cuvee with a cannoli, pistachio nut cream, freeze dried strawberries.

3. Pass the Past Dress with Yarrabank Late Disgorged 2004 with patrami, quail egg, chervil cream in a pastry cup.

4. Twist the Arm Suit with Yarrabank Cuvee 2002 Magnum with blood orange cured salmon, buckwheat blini and goat’s curd.

5. Neoflora Dress with Yering Station Chardonnay with sweet potato & cashew empanada.

6. Straight That Arm Suit with Yering Station Pinot Noir with Japanese vegegtable pancake and shredded sticky duck (THIS WAS DIVINE!)

Sheer fabulousness!!

It truly was a unique fashion and wine experience and I was so glad that it was a fabulous event and not another fizzer. One more event tonight and then MSFW is over for another year and I can go back to having a lazy night on the couch! 😛

Also before I go, it’s Father’s Day here in Oz, so I wanted to wish my Dad a Happy Father’s Day and to all the dad’s out there have a gorgeous Sunday xo

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  1. Now that’s a cool concept! Glad this one was a winner! Funny, I thought Father’s Day was the same all over? When I saw your last sentence I panicked, thinking, “Shit, I didn’t call my Dad”, then realized – duh – it’s in June here! lol.

  2. Sigh! This is the most perfect concept! How utterly divine- LURVE this post my liebschen! I presume you tackled the lady with the incredible skirt? And dragged it off her while security ran across the room with tasers? Xo

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