MSFW 2014 Day Nine: Artz


Images via Instagram

Oh boy! OK, look, ARTZ wasn’t a bad event per (I may have been a little dusty from the night before which mightn’t have helped a great deal *ahem*) but it wasn’t very good either. Again, it was a great concept on paper:

Celebrating the intersection between runway, fashion and poetry, ARTZ is a runway/poetry company bringing together the talents of fashion designers and poets. Fashion designer Aron Katona and poet Ejaz Ahamed are the directors behind ARTZ and create events that offer emerging and established designers and poets an opportunity to inspire one another in a cross-cultural show to entice the senses on the runway. At this event designers show their collections on the runway which are then interpreted in a spoken word performance by the poets.

Sounds like a fabulous arty idea right?! Poetry inspired by the very designs that are going down the runway = perfection. Alas what actually happened was the models would walk the runway THEN the poet would read their piece. This was so disruptive and completely ruined the flow of the show. I felt like the whole night would’ve moved more fluidly if the model walked to some soft music while a professional vocal actor read the poetry in time with the clothes.

My stand out for the evening was Agnes & I who is a local Melbourne based designer who uses sustainable and ethically produced pieces. All her dresses were feminine, romantic and floaty.


Images via Instagram

Well we did it dollface(s), we made it to the end of MSFW 2014! I have very mixed feelings about my selection of shows at this years festival. I’d say it was a 50/50 hit of great shows to very average. I felt like last year each event was fierce and unique. My faves this year were Fred Hates Fashion, Men of the Cloth, Runway One and Blend, which would have been a fabulous way to end the festival. Next year it’s definitely all runway shows for me!! Now it’s back to your normal A Red Lip And A Nude Shoe programming 🙂 Happy Monday!

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    • Thanks so much Diana. I was really worried about the not so positive reviews, but I wanted to be honest and not paint a picture that all these events were amazing. I’m sure there was lots of hard work that went into them they just weren’t my cup of tea.
      Oh go for it, I’d love to see pics from that! 🙂 xo

  1. Life has been given to me. I adored your coverage darling! Absolutely divine and don’t ever feel odd about being honest- that’s why we luhh you. Hoping to God I’m with you for MSFW 2015 xoxo

  2. You are the best! Come get crazy with us again next year. These guys have been working so hard for the past 3 months to show you something cool and mentions of FHF like this, seriously makes it all worth it. Keep in touch?

  3. Read the poem after the model walked???? Huh???!!!! Oh, I wish I had connections for NY Fashion Week! That would entail another US visit for you next year!!!! I know you’d do it in a skinny minute. Oh, wait! My friend Oliver!!! He is connected! Standby…..

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