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This past weekend Melbourne’s gorgeous and historic Royal Exhibition Buildings were transformed into a mecca for all things beauty, fashion, health and pampering at the inaugural Beautiful You Australia expo. Needless to say I was gagging to find out what it was all about. BYA

My trusty partner in fashion and beauty, Tez, and I made in down on Sunday bright and early and we were a little surprised it was so quiet, but the crowds eventually did arrive, I guess I was just an eager beaver. Rows and rows of stalls were devoted to pampering, fashion, beauty, fitness and food. Everything from make-up to facials and hair threading to teeth whitening and flower crown making were all available. We managed to score some great freebies while roaming around; a 15 minute massage at the Smooth FM booth, a bangle (and Tez scored a compact mirror) from Alannah Hill and a mini lip stain from Klara Cosmetics WOOHOO! BYA8

The whole premise of Beautiful You was to redefine beauty and the way we (as women, mostly) believe in the “ideal” and how there is a perception that there is only one way to be beautiful. WELL FUCK THAT NOISE is basically what they were trying to get across at the expo. Whether you want to wear make-up or not or think that botox will make you feel better or want to wear tracksuit pants all day long (who am I to judge?) then do it, FOR YOURSELF! As long as you’re making yourself happy and living up to your own expectations then you are beautiful! It was a fabulous reminder for myself to embrace the way I look (warts, bumps, hairy toes and ALL!). Sometimes I know I get bogged down by the pictures I see in mags and on blogs and think that I should be striving to lose weight, grow my hair, get some botox for those little lines I’m starting to notice and I know I need to stop that voice telling me I’ll never be happy unless… (insert appropriate mood changer here). That’s bullshit and I, and you all, know that! Just because I can fill in the lines around my eyes with a little needle, or use (fricken) lasers to remove the cellulite magically from my ass it won’t make me any happier unless I work on my emotional health as well. Can I get an AMEN?!

So my darling beautiful dollface(s) I’m wishing you all lots of self love this Monday and I hope you’re feeling refreshed and ready to start the week off with a BANG! What did you all get up to this weekend? I managed to see the new Woody Allen movie and enjoyed a pretty decent gluten free pizza so you know I had a great weekend 😉 xo

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  1. You get an “Amen” from me!!!! I know we all occasionally fall victim to the “media ideal”, but we are grown ass women. I think it really negatively affects the young, preteen girls who don’t know any better. Looks like it was a fab event, and I just wish I was with y’all!!!

  2. What a great event! I agree with the idea that beauty is a subjective matter. If you believe in yourself, love yourself, and respect yourself, you are beautiful in your own eyes no matter what other people say! A great reminder to kick off a Monday for me 🙂 – Lena

  3. I would like to chime in with an A (fricken) men! Totes agree that they need to start incorporating this positive message in schools! Sounds like a totes gorgoisie event xo

    P.s. This is awks- should I have been shaving my toes all these years? I could probably braid those luxe locks

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