OOTD: Spring Has Sprung!

pink dress01

Happy Hump Day peeps! Spring has sprung here in Melbourne. OK, sure it’s like a bipolar version of spring, with some days being ever so glorious you can’t imagine what winter was like at all and then the next minute you’re clutching for your hot water bottle and sobbing into your blanket (no? just me?!)

The weekend I took these snaps the weather was simply magnificent I had to take the opportunity to show off my latest haul from Kmart – this was obviously before the latest “no-buy” rule I’ve imposed for September.

pink dress02

I picked up this sweet floral number for something ridiculous like $25. I love that it’s super comfy and that I can dress it up or down (I’ve worn it into the office and out for a family lunch) and I have been getting loads of compliments on it so it’s definitely a winner.  I know, florals for spring – how groundbreaking! The shoes, with their Tiffany box hue (don’t you love it?!) were on sale for a measly $8 it would have been rude not to buy them, and the clutch was $12 – yet another complete outfit for under $50!pinkdress4

I love the faux crocodile chic of the purple clutch and absolutely couldn’t go past these contrasting colours. I really thinking purple and any other clashing colour is going to be HUGE this spring…if not I’ll make it a new trend!pink dress03Have you ever started your own trend and it took off? What was it?


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  1. LOVE the Tiffany blue flats in contrast with the purple clutch! Really loving the flats though. I am a trail-blazing trendsetter! I march to my own tune, and it’s all good. If people don’t like it, well, you know what they can do…….

  2. PS – I wish our KMart was still open when you were here. I would have had to carry you out in a weeping/hysterical/blubbering/meltdown heap. Well, maybe it was for the best they were no longer here. You would have been scarred for life, as KMart went to shit here. You would never find the awesome things you do in Oz. Shame 😦

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