OOTD: Chambray Shanté!

chambray shantay1I know that I’ve officially become a shopaholic because Dad has started to comment on my shopping habits! He’s never made mention of my ridiculous spending escapades before, as I’ve been a self-made woman for quite some time now (HA!) but I believe his actual quote was “didn’t you shop enough while you were in America?!” All I could do was stare dumbly back at him and say “ummmmmm noooooo?”

chambray shantay4This all came about because I was completely GUSHING to Mum about my fabulous new outfit that I bought for only $69! YES, $69!! (Of course, this was before my no-spend September – 8 days to go! Not that I’m desperate to shop or anything :|) I’m talking shirt, skirt, anorak, shoes and a 3 pack of tights. Oh Kmart, you’ve really outdone yourself this time.

I had to explain to Dad that I was actually saving money – as the faux leather skirt was marked down from $20 to $3. It would have been silly not to have bought it.

chambray shantay2I’m not usually one for shirts as I can’t stand the gaping buttons thanks to my average boobs, alas they aren’t small and humble, although you wouldn’t confuse them with mountains either!

Ahem, I digree, aaaaanyway I’ve always had a soft spot for anything denim/chambray (in fact after I bought this outfit I also bought a chambray dress – OOTD to come, natch!) I also love wearing contrasting materials and patterns, hence the chambray + faux leather + leopard print = fierce!

To finish off the look I added some bling from Francesca’s and I was ready for my day at the office – shanté away!!

chambray shantay3What are your tips to combat gaping shirts? I’ve tried Hollywood Tape but don’t think it’s a winner.

chambray shantay5


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  1. You look so cute and stylish!!! ❤ This outfit is perfection! I usually just leave the button undone and wear a tank top underneath. Problem solved! Oh, and I giggled at what your dad said to you cause that's such a dad thing to say! hehe

    • Thanks so much!! ❤
      I know right, dads will be dads! hahahahaha!
      I like the undone look too, sometimes even with a little bra action, obviously not for the office though 🙂 xo

  2. The damn Hollywood tape, or layer a cami under the offending gaping shirt and let it gape. Fashion pains…..Love this, btw!

  3. Awesome skirt and flats! I’ll put the shirt back on the rack if it gapes in the fitting room(no pun intended ha) as it will end up being an item in my wardrobe that I’ll wear like once a year. And as soon as I put it on I’ll remember why I only wear it once a year!

    x Diana

    • Thanks Diana!
      I know what you mean, I’ve learnt my lesson along the way with certain pieces of clothing, that’s why I’ve tossed out all my shirts, but this one spoke to me LOL! I think because it’s more casual I can get away with a little undone button action 🙂

  4. Love this look Rosie! You look fantastic!!! I am loving the shirt and thinking i need to go find… I’m on the hunt for another good shirt(Really want white!!)
    I believe its the shirt that affects the “gap” Sometimes i have a really hard time otherwise it’s ok! This one looks like there is no gap at all!
    Simply elegant!
    x Kirsty

    • Thanks so much Kirsty!
      It’s super hard isn’t it?! I think it’s all about the design and where they place that 3rd button down. The space between the 2nd & 3rd button can’t be too wide otherwise you get gap-age LOL!

  5. Guys don’t listen to her, she has extremely voluptuous and awesome bosoms. And yet the shirt still looks fantastic! This whole outfit is GORGE- absolutely love it. And I guffawed out loud at what Papa Tonks said. “Why you always shopping shopping shopping” xo

  6. Nice look – the leather teamed with the denim looks cool but not too “try hard”.

    I usually wear a vest top under my shirts and undo a few buttons if gaping. I would rather the shirt was fitted to the remainder of my body as loose shirts do not complement me.

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