OOTD: Express Your Style

ootd express dress5

One thing I was super excited about when I went to the US in July was the shopping, and in particular shopping at Express and Francesca’s as they were the scene of some pretty kerrrrr-azzy spending when I went to Vegas last March. You know that magical moment when a store just GETS YOU? They know your style, the colours are always spot on and the prices are reasonable. Well these stores totally do (as well as Kmart – call me guys!), it’s like they design with me in mind (average white girl, what can I say?) The big dream would be to team up with either Express or Francesca’s (you know, when I’m a famous fashionista and all) and do a complete fashion line with them. Could you imagine?! *falls into a swoon*

ootd express dress2

Anywho, while I dream away, get a load of my new Express dress and cardigan – I’m completely in love!The dress is white with tiny black squares all over it (these photos don’t really do it justice) with a tiny cheeky peek-a-boo cut-out at the neckline. I have to be careful when I’m bending over my desk at work….or do I?! HELLO PAY RISE FOR ROSIE!!ootd express dress11

Here I’ve teamed it with my Express cardigan which is so comfy I could cry. I wore it on the plane back from LA and it really felt like I was in a pair of PJs that’s how soft it is. Plus it totally blends in with Melbourne’s love of chic black! ootd express dress8

Then to top it all off a neon yellow clutch from Francesca’s, this colour is going to be all over Spring just you watch, plus my green heels from Kmart and some blue chunky hoop earrings (bought about a million years ago and I can’t for the life of me remember where). ootd express dressDo you have a favourite store that never fails you? What is it? (not that I need to know, I’m on a no spend month remember! Although, the month is almost up, so SPILL!)


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  1. Yesssss, expand that keyhole opening. Sista needs a raise for her next trip to ‘Merica! Haha! Great ensemble as usual! xx

  2. I completely agree with you. I just moved to Australia and miss US stores – the variety, the prices & the quality!

    That dress is adorable on you!

  3. You look stunning!! I love the bright colors you added – they definitely liven everything up ❤

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