Once – The Musical


There’s something magical about going to the theatre. You take your seat and the lights dim and then you suspend your disbelief for a couple of hours while watching fabulously talented (hopefully they’re talented, thankfully most of you didn’t see any of my shows back in the day!) actors tell a story. Even though I no longer love performing on stage I still absolutely love watching live theatre and luckily last night I scored a double pass through Nuffnang to Once the musical.


A li’l breakdown for you….

Set in modern day Dublin, Once is the story of a Guy who gave up on his music and his love and the Girl who inspired him to dream again. This exhilarating ‘Guy meets Girl’ musical is performed by an extraordinary cast of actor-musicians who sing, dance and play their hearts out on stage. This achingly beautiful, joyously uplifting show strikes an unforgettable chord in audiences and speaks to the power of music to connect us all. A show like that only comes around Once.


Shiiiiiiiet this was a truly beautiful show! The whole ensemble cast were simply on point and the two lead actors, Tom Parsons and Madeleine Jones, were just brilliant – their voices were so captivating. At certain points I may have even welled up as their haunting voices reminded me a little of Jeff Buckley and Damien Rice.


If you’re a Melburnian and a bit of a culture whore like me I would HIGHLY recommend going to this show. It’s on at the Princess Theatre ’til the end of the year – so get in quick! If you’re not from around these parts *shifty eyes* then scour your local paper to see if there’s a production on, otherwise you should check out Netflix (do people rent DVDs anymore?) as it was originally a movie (WHO KNEW?!) once_musical4


Here’s a taste…this song won an Oscar and shitloads of other awards!!

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  1. Falling Slowly always skews my heart a bit every time I hear it. I’ve yet to see the movie – on my own this weekend a Joey is going to an NFL game – might just have to watch the movie. You wanna come over for champers and popcorn?

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