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It gets to this time of year and I’m starting to sound like a Destiny’s Child song; BILLS! BILLS! BILLS! For some fabulous (not) reason all my major bills are due; car registration and insurance (as well as a car service), quarterly household utilities, a tax bill (thanks ATO – NOT!), lots of family and friends’ birthdays and so much funsies on the social calendar that I simply can’t pass them up (I’m looking at you Spring racing carnival you sexy beast!). And let’s not forget Christmas and NYE are practically around the corner, where the FARK has this year gone?!!

Is it any wonder that I had to impose a “no spend September”? Basically I’ve said goodbye to frivolous spending; so that’s arrivederci to random make-up hauls from Priceline, au revoir to odds and ends from Kmart  *sigh, think of the pretty dresses* and sayonara to splurging on getting mani/pedi’s.

Look, I’m not having a pity party over here! I know ERRRRRYbody is having a tough time and we could all do with winning the lottery. I’m very fortunate and count my blessings that I’m able to afford most of the luxuries in my life (if not there’s always the credit card!!). I’m extremely lucky that I can travel and go to concerts and dinners out whenever I like, I’m not struggling in the true sense of the word. I also know that people say that money isn’t the key to happiness, sure the world would be a lot nicer place if we didn’t have money issues dividing people, but this is when I have to respond with dear Joan Rivers’ quote:

joan rivers

The interwebs is flooded with handy tips on how to save a buck, but I wanted to share my two favourite tips on how to have a little extra left over at the end of each month…

1. Save your change; this is an awesome way to save $50 – $200 without even trying! In Australia we have $1 and $2 coins (for those that weren’t aware) which take up so much space in my purse that I throw them into a piggy bank. I’ve done this for a number of years now and I find that by the time it’s full I have an extra $200 or so to pop back onto the credit card or use it to splurge on make-up. It doesn’t have to be just the gold coins, you could always try saving your silvers too (and coppers, thankfully they got rid of that shit here in Oz!).

2. Bring your lunch to work; sure eating left overs can get a bit tiring and there’s only so many times you can eat tuna without feeling like you’re eating cat food but think about it, if you brought your lunch in to work at least 2 or 3 times a week you’d be saving approximately $10 a day – that’s $30 by the end of the week – $120 by the end of the month! That’s a bloody pair of new shoes right there!

Empty Pockets - 59173

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Anywho, I wanted to report that I made it through the month without spending on new clothes or make-up! It was tough as there were some things I was eyeing off (I’m looking at you Rimmel Wonder’full mascara!) but I resisted knowing that it really was just senseless spending and that the money would be better used for stuff like keeping a roof over my head and buying toys for my niece’s birthday and swilling champagne at the races! I’m going to try and stick with this ’til the end of the year but I won’t lie, I may buy something that’s off limits as a treat, but I’ll try not to.

If you try out my tips (not that they’re mine, everyone tells you do to this) let me know how you go and if you have any to share I’m all ears – I’d love some extra dollars to bet on the ponies 🙂

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    • Oh you’d love the carnival Suzanne – you and the hubby should make a trip down one year to go 😉
      If you have any advice as to how to make one of those box type bets I’m all ears – I have no clue how to do them LOL! xo

  1. I take my own lunch to work more often than not, plus I eat healthier when I do. I also sell off most of my old clothes to fund new purchases every now and then. I don’t think I could be as disciplined to not spend for a whole month but I do need to cut back, especially with Christmas approaching eek!

    x Diana

    • Hey Diana,
      Exactly, I like to know how my food is prepared because I have so many restrictions, that way I know what’s going into my lunch.
      The month was tough, especially since I kept seeing make-up I wanted hahaha! xo

  2. Great tips, Rosie!! I love saving money and love saving it in the simplest way as in bringing lunch and cooking dinner at home. I always think about how far $25 can go in groceries than just one lunch out with Ronnie, for only one meal! I’ve been wanting to take my change jar to the machine and see how much I’ve saved up! Thanks for the reminder!! ❤ ❤

    • Thanks Tina!
      I know what you mean, sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to buy when you can make something healthier and cheaper at home. Although don’t get me wrong, I do love a treat 🙂
      I’ve never used those change machines at the bank, the one near me doesn’t have one, I’m dying to just throw my coins in and have notes spit back out at me LOL!! xo

      • You’re welcome, Rosie!!

        Oh girl, I wish I could eat out all the time and be waited on and not have to do any clean up of dishes afterwards! =)

        My grocery store has one so it’s pretty convenient! I’ll take pictures when I go and post them for ya!! haha ❤

  3. Yes, getting lunch from home really does help save a good amount of money! Also skipping that PSL on Autumn mornings can be good for the pockets too. I normally treat myself at home if I my pockets are not too full like maybe a bath or a mini pedi/mani session at home. I had once asked my sister to give me a head massage and it really did relax me – which in turn saved me quite a lot of bucks at the spa. I try to eat home as much as I can and also try my best to not buy new stuff as much as I can. I try using cash as much as I can and record the amount of money I spent each day. It really helps to keep a log and keep a check on where the money is going. 🙂

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